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Satyendra Kapoor

# 1
Main shehar ki dahshat ko mitane ke liye kanoon ke ek aaise muhafiz ko tainaat karoonga ... joh kanoon ki aan ke liye apni jaan bhi de sakta hai ... joh vardi ki shaan ke liye dono jahan se ladh sakta hai
To end the terror in the city I'll deploy such a guardian of the law ... who can give his life for the honour of the law ... and who can fight against both the worlds for the reputation of the police uniform
# 2
Joh talwar se nahi marte ... woh pyar se marr jaate hai
Those who don't die with a sword ... they die with love
# 3
Joh haath angaare ko chupaye ... angaara us hi haath ko jalaa deta hai
The hands who will hide the burning coal ... the burning coal will burn the same hands
# 4
Chai ki chah hai kuch aur nahi hai ... ek cup agar mil jaye parvah nahi hai
I wish for tea and nothing else ... if I can get a cup of it then I don't mind it
# 5
Samajh samajhke samajh ko samajho ... samajh samajhna bhi ek samajh hai ... samajh samajhke na joh samajhe meri samajh mein woh nasamajh hai ... teri samajh hi samajh nahi hai, samajh parayi ko bhi toh samajho ... samajh parayi ko joh na samajhe ... meri samajh mein woh nasamajh hai
After thinking and understanding try to understand the thought ... even thinking and understanding is a thought ... the one who doesn't understand even after thinking and understanding is silly in my opinion ... your thought is not the only thought, try to understand someone else's thought as well ... the one who doesn't understand someone else's thought ... is silly in my opinion
# 6
Pyar aur sadbhavna ki badi se badi deewar bhi ... zindagi aur maut ke beech nahi khadi ho sakti hai
Even the biggest of the walls of love and good will ... can't stand in between life and death
# 7
Ek insaan ko koi haq nahi ki doosre insaan ko sazaa de ... yeh ishwar ka kaam hai
A human has no right to punish another human ... that's the work of God
# 8
Badna daam ka poocho na tum aaj ke is zamane mein ... subah joh thi char aane mein, shyam mein hai woh barah aane mein
Don't ask about the rising prices in this world ... what was for 25 paise in the morning, is for 75 paisa in the evening
# 9
Apni toh khair man gayi jab aap aayi thi yahan ... dhoonda kiye khud hi ho, jaane kahan kahan
I've been totally lost since you came here ... I searched for myself here, there and everywhere
# 10
Do baimaan apas mein bade imaandar hote hai
Two cheaters are very honest between them
# 11
Paise mein kya rakha hai, baat karo tum prem pyar ki ... paise ki keemat sasti hai, mehengi dosti yaar ki
What is there in money, let's talk about love and affection ... the value of money is cheap and the value of friendship with a friend is worth a lot
# 12
Kal se bekal hoon kisi kal mujhe kal nahi aati ... kal joh aa jaati mujhe kal toh bekal aati
Since yesterday I'm restless that tomorrow will not come for me tomorrow ... and if tomorrow comes to me tomorrow then restlessness will also come along
# 13
Yun toh bhuj chuka hai tumhare husn ka hookah ... aare ek hum hai joh gudh-gudhaye jaate hai
The hookah of your beautiful body is however blown off ... but I'm still the one who is blowing it
# 14
Na maal tera, na maal mera ... yeh maal hai bas maal-e-ganimat ... badhe buzurgon ne sach kaha hai ... maang mat, maang mat, maang mat
Neither the money is yours, nor is the money mine ... this money is free booty ... elders have said the truth ... don't ask for it, don't ask for it, don't ask for it
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