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Vijay Anand

# 1
Zindagi sirf beete hue dino ki yaad nahi hai ... zindagi yahan hai, abhi hai ... isse jeena seekho, iski izzat karna seekho
Life is not just memories of the past ... life is here, life is now ... learn to live it, learn to respect it
# 2
Jis ladki se pyar karta hoon usse shaadi nahi kar saka ... aur jisse shaadi ki hai usse pyar nahi
I couldn't get married to the girl that I love ... and I don't love the girl that I am married to
# 3
Prem toh ek badal ki tarah hai joh achanak aa jaata hai, achanak baras jaata hai ... aur chand nikal aata hai
Love is like a cloud that comes suddenly, pours suddenly ... and it brings out the moon
# 4
Mehmaan apni khushi se aate zaroor hai ... lekin jaate ghar waalon ki marzi se hai
Guests can come when they want ... but they can leave only when the people of the house want them to leave
# 5
Duniya ki koi maut pyar ki zindagi se zyada khubsoorat nahi
No death of this world is more beautiful than the life of love
# 6
Rajput apni baat rakhne ke liye mushkil hi nahi ... namumkin cheezen karne ke liye mashoor hai
To keep their word, the Rajput are not only known to do hard things ... but also impossible things
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