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Tum Bin 2

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Pyar reasonable nahi hota ... bas bewajah hota hai
Love is not reasonable ... love just happens without any reason
# 2
Kuch achcha hone pe joh sabse pehle yaad aata hai ... woh zindagi ka sabse keemti insaan hota hai
The person that you first remember when something good happens ... that person is the most valuable person of your life
# 3
Life mein joh hum chahte hai aur joh hum chunte hai ... uske beech mein hamari kamzori chupi hoti hai ... aur kabhi kabhi taqat
In life what we desire and what we choose ... in between that our weaknesses are hidden ... and sometimes our strengths
# 4
Jab rona aaye toh phoot ke ro lo ... jab pyar aaye toh gale laga lo ... pyar mein bas yahi do sach hai
When you feel like crying then cry as much as you want ... when you love someone then embrace them ... these are the only two truths in love
# 5
Awaargi ke bhi apne alag maze hai ... ek hi raaste se kahi baar gusro toh aksar bahut si nayi baatein nazar aati hai ... joh shayad pehli baar mein hi dikh jaani chahiye thi ... ya shayad kabhi bhi nahi dikhni chahiye thi
Vagrancy has its own benefits ... often you see a lot of new things when you pass through the same path multiple times ... which may be you should have seen them in the first time itself ... or may be you should have never seen them at all
# 6
Pyar kisi rishtey ka naam nahi hai ... pyar us roshni ka naam hai jisme bhagwan nazar aata hai
Love is not a name of a relationship ... love is the name of that light in which you can see God
# 7
Har zindagi ka apne hisse ka dard hota hai ... jitna zaldi usse jeetna seekh lo, toh achcha hai
Even life has its own share of pain ... the faster you try to win over it, the better it'll be for you
# 8
Life mein jab bhi kisi bhi cheez se dar lage ... toh uske samne khade ho jaao ... dar khud bahut darpok hota hai ... uski aankhon mein aankhen dalke dekho, darke bhaag jaata hai
Whenever you fear something in life ... then simply stand in front of it ... fear itself is very timid ... if you look into its eyes, it'll run away
# 9
Har moment, ek moment tumhare samne se guzarta ja raha hai ... aur karna sirf itna hai ki har us guzarte moment ko khush banana hai
Every moment, a moment passes right by you ... and all we have to do is, we have to make that passing moment a happy one
# 10
Sach seene mein bahut jagah leta hai ... samaata hi nahi
Truth takes up a lot of space in the heart ... it just doesn't fit
# 11
Joh sahi lagta hai woh karo ... joh tujhe sahi lagta hai, usse zyada kuch kar bhi nahi sakti tu
Do what is right ... because whatever you think is right, you can't do anything more than that
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