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Parvin Dabas

# 1
Normal logon ke saath raha karo ... paranormal logon ke saath nahi
Stay with normal people ... not with paranormal people
# 2
Na koi kaam karti hai ... na kisi aur kaam aati hai
Neither does she do any work ... nor is she useful for any other work
# 3
Kuch bacha nahi toh kuch kho nahi sakte ... jab kuch kho hi nahi sakte toh dar kis baat ka
If we don't have anything left then we can't lose anything ... and if we can't lose anything then what are we scared of
# 4
Jab gehun ki zaroorat hoti hai toh ye zameen kisaano ki hoti ... aur jab factory ki zaroorat hoti hai toh ye zameen public purpose ke liye ho jaati hai
When you need wheat then the land belongs to the farmers ... and when you need a factory then the land is used for public purpose
# 5
Jab kuch bolne ka fayda na ho toh ... chup hi rehna chahiye
When there is no benefit in saying something ... then you should stay quiet
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