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Ek Thi Daayan

Release Year - 2013
# 1
Daayan raat ki rani hoti hai
A witch is the queen of the night
# 2
Ek daayan ki saari shakti uski chhoti mein bandh hoti hai ... aur ek pechaaz ki saari shakti uski gardan mein bandh hoti hai
A witch has all her powers tied up in her hair ... and a demon has all his powers tied up inside his neck
# 3
Ek baar kisi daayan ke saath so lo ... toh phir kisi aur ke saath neend hi nahi aati
Once you sleep with a witch ... then you'll not be able to sleep with anyone else
# 4
Dono hamare andar hai ... achcha bhi aur bura bhi ... yeh hamare upar hai, hum kisko chune aur kiska saath de
Both things are within us ... the good and the bad ... it's up to us, what we select and what we stay on the side with
# 5
Mumbai mein har doosra aadmi traffic ke naam pe jhoot bolta hai
In Mumbai every other person lies in the name of traffic
Song Lyrics - Ek Thi Daayan
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