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Raaz Reboot

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Apne pyar ko bachaye rakhne ke liye joh raaz hum dafan karne ki koshish karte hai ... woh dafan hote nahi ... bas intezar mein rehte hai ek aise waqt ke ... jab woh hamare pyar aur hamari zindagi ko tabah kar sakte hai
The secrets that we try to bury to protect our love ... cannot be buried ... they only wait for one such moment ... when they can destroy our love and our life
# 2
Pagal woh nahi hote hai jise bhoot dikhte hai ... pagal woh hote hai jise insaan nahi dikhte
People who see ghosts are not mad ... instead people who don't see humans are mad
# 3
Secrets are the enemy of love ... yeh baat samajhne ke liye bahut badi keemat chukayi hai maine
Secrets are the enemy of love ... I've paid a very big price to understand this
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