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Anil Kapoor

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# 101
Mujhe tumhari maut nahi, zindagi chahiye
I don't need your death, I need your life
# 102
Amir aadmi bada banne ke baad ... black se white ho jata hai
When a rich man becomes big ... he turns from black to white
# 103
Hum dard bechte hai, khareedte nahi hai
We sell pain, we don't buy it
# 104
Asli daulat gadiyaan, bungley, bank balance, kutte, billiyaan nahi hote ... asli daulat woh hamare apne hote hai
Real wealth is not cars, mansions, bank balance, dogs, cats ... real wealth is our own people
# 105
Pehle din Meena, doosre din Tina, teesre din Reena aur aaj yeh nagina
First day Meena, second day Tina, third day Reena and today you've bought this pearl
# 106
Aadmi ko khel wahi khelna chahiye ... joh achchi tarah khelna aata ho
A person should only play that game ... which he knows to play well
# 107
Bade ghar ka damaad banna, jaise topi ko sar se utaar ke pairo mein pehenna
Becoming a son-in-law of a rich family, is like removing the hat from the head and wearing it on the legs
# 108
The difference between a lawyer and a computer is ... a computer gets twice as intelligent and half as expensive, compared to a lawyer every year
The difference between a lawyer and a computer is ... a computer gets twice as intelligent and half as expensive, compared to a lawyer every year
# 109
Sachchai aur nyay ki koi jaat ya paat nahi hoti
Truth and justice have no caste or sub-caste
# 110
Ek lawyer se kabhi madad nahi mangni chahiye ... bad manners
You should never ask a lawyer for help ... bad manners
# 111
Aashiq se bada sust janwar maine aaj tak zindagi mein nahi dekha
Till today in my life, I haven't seen a more lazy animal than a lover
# 112
Agar tum dono ne pehle din hi jhoote pati ka patta pehan liya na ... toh sari zindagi bow-bow bhi karte rahoge na ... toh meow-meow hi sunai dena hai
If both of you wear the tag of a lying husband on the first day itself ... then even if you bark bow-bow like a dog for your entire life ... then to it'll sound meow-meow like a cat
# 113
Jis aulaad ke saath maa ka aashirwad aur baap ki dua ho ... woh haathon se nahi laaton se bhi kaam chala sakte hai
A child that has the blessings of his mother and the prayers of his father ... forget his hands, he can even work with his legs
# 114
Chhoton ko badhon ke samne cigarette nahi peeni chahiye ... aur taqatvar ko kamzor pe zulm nahi karna chahiye ... is liye agar koi cigarette peeye toh usse bhuja do ... aur koi zulm kare toh usse mitta do
Younger people should not smoke a cigarette in front of their elders ... and strong people should not do injustice on the weak ... hence if someone smokes a cigarette then blow it off ... and if someone does injustice then simply erase them
# 115
Ehsaas sirf dil mein yaadon ke diye jalate hai ... dilon ke beech nahi aate
A feeling only ignites the lamps of memories in the heart ... it doesn't come in between the hearts
# 116
Aurat zindagi mein sab kuch baant sakti hai ... apna mangalsutra nahi
A woman can share everything in life ... but not her wedding necklace
# 117
Kisi masoom ka khoon karne se pehle, do second ke liye apne bachchon ke bare mein socho ... kabhi kisi ka khoon nahi kar paoge
Before killing someone innocent, thing about your children for two seconds ... you'll never be able to kill anyone
# 118
Phir kabhi tune mere ghar ke andhar jhanke ki koshish ki ... toh main apne darwaze par limbu mirchi ki jagah ... teri mundi kaatkar latka doonga
If you ever try to peep inside my house ... then instead of tying a lemon and chilli ... I'll cut your head and hang it on my door
# 119
Joh log khudse nahi darte ... yeh samaaj ussi se darta hai
People who are not scared of themselves ... this society is scared of them
# 120
Insaan toh is duniya mein ek doosre ki hamdardi ke liye hi paida hua hai
A human has been born in this world to sympathize with others
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