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Release Year - 1987
# 1
Bacha apni maa ki maar khake bada hota hai ... lekin apni maa ko maarne waala bacha tabah hota hai
Children grow up getting smacked by their mother ... but a child who hits his mother gets destroyed
# 2
Khoon bahana bahut aasaan hai ... lekin khoon ko bachana bahut mushkil hai
It's very easy to shed blood ... but it's very hard to save your blood
# 3
Jis aulaad ke saath maa ka aashirwad aur baap ki dua ho ... woh haathon se nahi laaton se bhi kaam chala sakte hai
A child that has the blessings of his mother and the prayers of his father ... forget his hands, he can even work with his legs
# 4
Chhoton ko badhon ke samne cigarette nahi peeni chahiye ... aur taqatvar ko kamzor pe zulm nahi karna chahiye ... is liye agar koi cigarette peeye toh usse bhuja do ... aur koi zulm kare toh usse mitta do
Younger people should not smoke a cigarette in front of their elders ... and strong people should not do injustice on the weak ... hence if someone smokes a cigarette then blow it off ... and if someone does injustice then simply erase them
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