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Woh 7 Din

Release Year - 1983
# 1
Tere bina main nahi, mere bina tu nahi ... hamare bina prem nahi, prem bina hum nahi
I'm not there without you, you're not there without me ... love is not there without us, we're not there without love
# 2
Bin byahi ladki ka dil toh hota hi hai aaine ki tarah hai ... joh bhi samne padh jaata hai, ussi ki parchai us mein dikhne lagti hai ... lekin shaadi ke baad woh parchai tasveer mein badal jaati hai ... pati ki tasveer
The heart of an unmarried woman is like a mirror ... the one who falls in front of her, their shadow is seen in her ... but after marriage that shadow turns into a photo ... the photo of her husband
# 3
Duniya mein jitne type ka bhook hota hai na ... utne hich type ka bhook maarne ka tarkeeb bhi hota hai
The number of types of hunger that exists in the world ... there are that many types of ways to kill hunger
# 4
Meri premika kisi ki patni bhale hi ban jaye ... kisi ki patni meri premika kabhi nahi ban sakti
Even if my girlfriend becomes someone's wife ... someone's wife can never become my girlfriend
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