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# 1
Paison mein bahut garmi hoti hai ... usse bardaasht karna seekho ... varna jal jaoge
Money has a lot of heat ... learn to tolerate it ... otherwise you will burn
# 2
Sirf daulat kamane se kuch nahi hota hai ... aadmi kamana bhi zaroori hota hai
Nothing happens by only earing money ... it is important to earn people also
# 3
Main toh aaj tak samajhta tha ki daulat insaan ko sirf pagal banati hai ... par main dekh raha hoon ... daulat insaan ko soovar bhi bana deti hai
I use to think that money only made a human go mad ... but I am seeing that ... money also turns a human into a pig
# 4
Joh bikta nahi ... woh mere samne tikta nahi
The one who cannot be bought ... he doesn't stand a chance in front of me
# 5
Paapiyon ka anth karne waale tumse pehle bhi kahi avtaar le chuke hai ... lekin is dharti par na paap khatam hua hai aur na hi paapi
People before you who have tried to end the sinners have taken many a forms ... but neither has sin ended on this earth nor have the sinners
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