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Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

Release Year - 2002
# 1
Sirf ghar se bahar jaane waali aurat badchalan nahi hoti ... ghar ki baatein charon taraf bahar karne waali aurat bhi badchalan hoti hai
Not only a woman who stays out of the house is characterless ... but also a woman who gossips about the house everywhere outside is also characterless
# 2
Mere dil mein toh sirf tum hi tum ho ... lekin tumhare dil mein main hoon ya nahi ... main nahi jaanta
It's just you and only you in my heart ... but whether I'm there in your heart or not ... I don't know that
# 3
Sirf bistar par saath mein sona hi ek biwi ka farz nahi hai ... mann se mann milna chahiye
Just sleeping together on the bed is not the only duty of a wife ... the heart must connect with the heart
# 4
Mard aurat ka bhagwan hota hai ... balki usse bhi ooncha hota hai
A man is god for a woman ... infact much bigger than that
# 5
Agar aurat kisi se pyar karti hai, woh chahe kitna hi ghatiya ho ... lekin wohi uske liye sab kuch hai ... aur kisi se nafrat karti hai, woh chahe kitna hi mahaan ho ... lekin uske liye kuch bhi nahi
When a woman loves someone then no matter how bad he is ... but still he is everything for her ... and when she hates someone then no matter how great he is ... but still he is nothing for her
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