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Just Married

Release Year - 2007
# 1
Joh nazar aata hai ... woh hamesha sach nahi hota
What you see ... is not always the truth
# 2
Rishton ke phoolon ko baandne se hi guldasta banta hai
A bouquet is formed by tying the flowers of relationships
# 3
Kuch rishte apni marzi se bante hai, kuch ban jaate hai ... lekin unka khayal hum mein hi rakhna padta hai ... unhe paalna padta hai ... so that they can grow
We make some relations and some get made by themselves ... but we have to take care of them ... we have to nurture them ... so that they can grow
# 4
Kabhi kabhi do kahaniyan judh jaati hai aur ek nayi kahani banti hai ... aur kabhi ek hi kahani mein kahi choti choti kahaniyan chupi hoti hai ... lekin badi ho ya choti ... har kahani mein kahi chote chote modh, pal aur maiyne hote hai ... aur inhi se har kahani judhti hai, mudti hai, banti hai aur badti hai
Sometimes two stories get combined and become a new story ... and sometimes in one story itself there are many small stories hidden ... but be it big or small ... every story has many small turns, moments and meanings ... and with these things a story comes together, turns and moves ahead
Song Lyrics - Just Married
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