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Birthday Dialogues

# 1
Aadmi ki yaadash bhale hi chali jaye ... biwi ka birthday bhool sakta hai?
A man can lose his memory ... but how can he forget his wife's birthday?
# 2
Aapne bataya nahin aaj mera birthday hai
You didn't tell me that today is my birthday
# 3
Tumhara birthday aaise manaonga na ... aaisa lagega pehli baar pehda hui ho
I'll celebrate your birthday in such a way that ... you'll feel you've been born for the first time
# 4
Aaise aaise surpises diye hai ... samne waale ne agle saal se birthday manana hi bandh kar diya
We have given such surprises ... that the people receiving them have stopped celebrating their birthdays from the following year
# 5
Birthday ka funda kuch aaisa hai ... aap khud isse agar value na do toh no problem ... lekin agar aapki family usse value na de ... big problem
The concept of a birthday is such that ... it's no problem if you give it no value ... but if your family doesn't give it some value ... then it's a big problem
# 6
Aaj mera happy birthday hai ... saal mein do baar aata hai ... bas
Today is my birthday ... it comes twice a year ... that's it
# 7
Janam din par toh tamasha hona hi chahiye
There should be entertainment on a birthday
# 8
Shaadi vivah mein jab bhi jaana hota hai na ... toh hamari memsaab ko toh do din pehle bata dena padta hai ... unko sajne savarne mein itna waqt lag jaata hai ... ki shaadi ke din ki bajai hum pehle bache ke janam din par hi pahunch paate hai
Whenever we have to go for a wedding ... then I have to tell my wife atleast a couple of days ahead of time ... she takes so much time to get ready that ... instead of the wedding we end up reaching on the birthday of the couple's 1st child
# 9
Janam din par khush rahogi ... toh saal bhar khush rahogi
If you stay happy on your birthday ... then you will stay happy for the entire year
# 10
Tum ek aaise insaan ho joh puja ke phool arthi par aur arthi ke phool kisi ke birthday par present kar sakte ho
You are such a person who can present the flowers of a prayer on a bier and the flowers of a bier on a birthday
# 11
Gareeb ka janamdin toh uska maramdin hota hai ... janamdin, khansi-din, cheek-din yeh sab ameeron ke hote hai
The birthday of a poor person is death-day for him ... birthday, cough-day, sneeze-din are only there for the rich people
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