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Phas Gaye Re Obama

Release Year - 2010
# 1
Kutte ki dumm aur mard ki akal ... kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti
A dog's tail and a man's mind ... can never be straight
# 2
Insaaniyat ka farz hai ek doosre ke kaam aana
It is the duty of humanity to help each other out
# 3
Mard toh mard hi hota hai ... chahe kahin ka bhi ho
A man is a man ... no matter where he is from
# 4
Chaar paisa jeb mein aata hai na ... toh confidence apne aap aa jaata hai
When you have some money in your pocket ... then confidence comes by itself
# 5
Darre woh joh loha na khaate ho
Those who don't eat iron should be scared
# 6
Jab kismat mein likhe ho hathode ... toh kahan se milenge pakore?
When a hammer in written in your destiny ... then how will you get fritters?
# 7
Jitna baatega, utna badega beta
My son, the more you share the more you will grow
# 8
Apne hi apno ke kaam aate hai
Only the near and dear ones come handy
# 9
Tezaab nikalta hai is ghar ke nalko se
The taps of this house pour acid
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