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Release Year - 1991
# 1
Badi muddat se mere dil mein ek tasveer behti hai ... teri zulfon ke chao mein meri taqdeer behti hai
After a long time a picture is sitting in my heart ... and my destiny is sitting in the shade of your hair
# 2
Kabhi kabhi dil ke paimane mein khushi itni badh jati hai ... ki khud ba khud aasoon ke cheetay bankar jhalak jati hai
Sometimes happiness increases so much in the heart ... that it starts to fall by itself in the form of tear drops
# 3
Falak ke teer ka kya dekh nishana tha, udhar thi bijli idhar mera aashiana tha ... pahunch rahi thi kinare pe kashti-e-umeed, us hi waqt is toofan ko bhi aana tha
What an aim it was of the arrow from the sky, there it was the lightning and here it was my home ... my boat of hope was reaching the shore, and at that time only the storm had to come
# 4
Taqdeer banane waale tune kami na ki ... ab kisko kya mila yeh muqaddar ki baat hai
The creater of destiny has not given anyone less ... now who gets what depends on your fate
# 5
Dil mein jab dard zyada bhad jaata hai ... insaan kabhi kabhi us hi mein doobkar marr jaata hai
When the pain in heart grows a lot ... then sometimes a person drowns in it and dies
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