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Patthar Ke Phool

Release Year - 1991
# 1
Sachai woh diya hai, jisse agar pahad par jala do ... toh roshni toh bahut kam door tak karta hai ... magar dikhta bahut door se hai
Truth is that lamp, which when you light on a mountain ... it gives very less light ... but you can see it from far away
# 2
Maut se kya darna, usse toh aana hai ... do din ki hai zindagi, hum mein apna farz nibhana hai
Why should one be scared of death, it has to come ... life is of a couple of days, and we have to obey our duty
# 3
Khudkhushi karne ke liye insaan ka pagal hona bahut zaroori hai
It is very important for a person to be mad to commit suicide
# 4
Aapne yeh toh suna hoga ki ghee tedhi ungli se nikalta hai ... magar shayad yeh nahi suna ki sach bandh mukke se nikalta hai
You must have heard that you can extract clarified butter with a twisted finger ... but you must have not heard that you can extract the truth with a fist
# 5
Insaan ki majboori ... ussoolon ke zanjeeron ko kachche dhaago ki tarah todh deti hai
The helplessness of a man ... can break the shackles of his principles just like a weak thread
# 6
Duniya mein har bimaari ka koi na koi ilaaj hai ... magar shaq ka koi ilaaj nahi
Every disease in this world has a cure ... but suspicion has no cure
# 7
Mujrim nishaano ka nishaana ban jaata hai ... ya de jaata hai, ya le jaata hai
A criminal becomes a target of targets ... either he gives, or he takes
# 8
Yeh duniya rishto ke naam maangti hai
This world will ask a name for relationships
# 9
Aadmi pahad se girkar toh uth sakta hai ... magar apni nazaron se girkar nahi
A man can get up after falling from a mountain ... but he can't if he falls in his own eyes
# 10
Joh kachche dhaago ki tarah toot jaaye ... woh ussool nahi, kamzor iraadein hote hai
Things that break like weak threads ... are not principles, they are weak intentions
# 11
Duniya mein koi bhi ussool itna mazboot nahi hota ... jisse pareshani, takleef aur bhook todh nahi sakti
No principle in this world is so strong that ... it can't be broken by problems, troubles and hunger
# 12
Yahan tum hukum dene nahi ... lene aaye ho
You have come here not to give instructions ... but to follow them
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