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# 1
Is umar mein aaisa hi hota hai ... dil atak jaata hai, mamla khatak jaata hai aur neeyat phisal jaata hai
Things like this happen at this age ... the heart gets stuck, the situation tumbles and the intention goes bad
# 2
Musibaton ka saamna himmat se karna chahiye ... aasunyon se nahi
You should face problems with courage ... not with tears
# 3
Mangalsutra zaroor gale mein pehna jaata hai ... magar iska rishta saanson se juda hota hai
You do wear the wedding necklace on the neck ... but it's connection is with the heartbeats
# 4
Dhere dhere, chaba chabake, thanda karke khana chahiye ... yahi buzurgon ka kehna hai, isko na thukrana chahiye
You should eat your food slowly, chew it and after it is warm ... elders have said that and we should not ignore that
# 5
Sitaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hai ... abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hai
There is a world beyond the stars ... and there are still more examinations left in love
# 6
Goli chalate waqt na tum mujhse kahoge ki mujhe maaf kardo ... aur na main tumse kahoongi ki mujhe maaf kardo
When I fire the bullet you don't ask me for forgiveness ... and neither will I ask you for forgiveness
# 7
Ek maa ki fariyad jab woh dil cheerkar, aasunyon se nahakar nikalti hai ... toh joh cheez aag aur tezaab se jalti ... usse jala deti hai
When the appeal of a mother comes out tearing the heart and bathing in tears ... then it can even burn the thing ... which doesn't get burnt by fire and acid
# 8
Bansuri ke chhed ungliyon se chupakar jaise sur nikalte hai ... apne zakhmon ko muskurahat se chupakar duniya mein khushi baatna shuru ki jiye
Just like you hide the holes in a flute with your fingers to create a tune ... just like that hide your wounds with your smile and start spreading happiness in this world
# 9
Desh se badhkar koi nahi hai ... na rishtey, na naate, na sambandh, na koi bandhan ... iski mitti se mohabbat mera imaan hai, wafaadari mera karam ... is dharti ka dushman chahe bahar ho ya andar, chahe apna hi khoon ho ... uska sarvanash kar dena hi mera dharam hai, mera imaan hai, mera farz hai, meri puja hai ... mujhe yeh kasam hai, mujhe yeh kasam hai, mujhe yeh kasam hai
Nothing is bigger than the country ... not relationships, not affinity, not connections, not any bonds ... loving it's soil is my faith and honesty is my duty ... whether the enemy of this soil is outside or inside, even if it's our own blood ... it's my religion, it's my faith, it's my duty, it's my prayer to destroy them ... I swear for that, I swear for that, I swear for that
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