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Release Year - 2021
# 1
Kisaan beejh issi liye boohta hai taaki ek din fasal kaat sake ... aur rajneeti mein bhi bakra issi liye paala jaata hai taaki samay aane par uski qurbaani di jaa sake
A farmer sows seeds so that one day he can reap the crop ... and in politics you nurture a person so that when the time comes then you can sacrifice him
# 2
Ramji ke liye aasaan tha Ravan ko maarna ... uska dus maatha tha par dikhta tha ... yahan system ke Ravan ka naa jaane kitna maatha hai, kitna munh hai, kitna aankh hai ... aur jab bhi koi munh kholta hai toh gareeb ki bali maangta hai ... uska adhikaar cheenta hai ... kaise lade is system se
It was easy for Lord Rama to kill Ravana ... even though he had ten heads but yet they were all visible ... here's the Ravana of the system has so many heads, so many mouths, so many eyes ... and whenever a mouth opens then it asks for the sacrifice of a poor person ... it steals his right ... so how should we fight against this system
# 3
Kabhi akhbaar, kabhi khat kaagaz ... rozmarra ki zaroorat kaagaz ... aane jaane ki sahulat kaagaz ... jeene marne ki izazat kaagaz ... pyar ki chittiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... kaam ki arziyan bhi kaagaz ki ... jashan mein jhandiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... jism ki mandiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... bane naaton ka bhi gawah kaagaz ... kahin shaadi, kahin nikah kaagaz ... kahin talaak ka gunah kaagaz ... banaye aur kare tabah kaagaz ... cheen le khet, ghar, zameen, kaagaz ... poche aankhon ki bhi nammi kaagaz ... har jagah yoon hai laazmi kaagaz ... jaise ghar ka hai aadmi kaagaz ... kuch nahi hai, magar hai sab kuch bhi ... kya ajab cheez hai yeh kaagaz bhi
At times paper is used for news, at times for letters ... paper is an everyday necessity ... paper makes it easy to come and go ... paper is the permission to live or die ... love letters are written on paper ... work requests are written on paper ... banners in a party are made from paper ... bodies are sold on paper ... paper is a witness of relationships ... somewhere marriages are on paper ... somewhere divorces are on paper ... paper makes you and destroys you as well ... paper steals your farm, your house, your land ... paper also wipes your tears ... paper is compulsory everywhere ... it's like paper is a member of the house ... it's nothing but yet it's everything ... paper is such an unique thing
# 4
Jiske haath mein nyay dene ka aadhikar ho aur nyay na de ... woh hoth hai asal mritak
The one who has the power to do justice and doesn't do justice ... that person is a real dead person
# 5
Galati sudaarne ka matlab hota hai galati sweekarna ... hamare system ka masla galati sudaarne ka nahi, galati sweekarne ka hai
To correct a mistake means to accept the mistake ... our system's problem is not correcting the mistake, it's accepting the mistake
# 6
Yeh duniya ek akhada hai ... jhe ma sach aur jhooth naam ke dui pehalwan lad rahe hai ... aur jab tak sach naam ka pehalwan jhooth naam ke pehalwan ko pachaad nahi deta ... tab tak yeh ladai jaari rahegi
This world is an arena ... in which truth and lies are two fighters that are fighting ... and until the fighter named truth doesn't defeat the fighter named lies ... till then this fight will continue on
# 7
Agar insaan haare bhi na ... toh uh kaam karke jisse woh dil se karna chahe
If a person has to lose ... then it should be in doing a thing which he wants to do from his heart
# 8
Kuch nahi hai magar hai sab kuch bhi ... kya ajab cheez hai yeh kaagaz bhi ... baarishon mein hai naav kaagaz ki ... sardiyon mein alaav kaagaz ki ... aasman mein patang kaagaz ki ... saari duniya mein jung kaagaz ki
It's nothing but yet it's everything ... paper is such an unique thing ... boats are made from paper in the rains ... fire is made from paper in the winter ... kites made from paper fly in the sky ... the entire world is fighting for paper
# 9
Suna hai sach aur jhooth ki jung mein jeet hamesha sach ki hoti hai ... aur apne desh ka sach toh yeh hai ... ki jeet ussi ki hoti hai jiske paksh mein kaagaz hota hai ... itni taqat hai apne system mein kaagaz ki ... aur kaagaz ki is taqat se takrana na toh koi mamooli kaam hai aur na hi kisi mamooli aadmi ka kaam hai
I've heard that in the war between truth and lies, the truth always wins ... and the reality in our country is that ... the one who has the paper on their side wins ... paper holds a lot of power in our system ... and it's not an ordinary thing to stand against this power of paper and neither is it the work of an ordinary man
# 10
Yeh karza joh hai na kutte paalne jaisa hai ... kehne ke liye suraksha karta hai ... par roz bow-bow karke roti maangega ... aur joh ek din roti na do na toh kaat dega yeh
Loan is like adopting a dog ... to say it'll protect you ... but it'll bark everyday and ask for food ... and then one day if you don't feed food then it'll bite you
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