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Gali Gali Chor Hai

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Hamare mulk mein sirf aam aadmi ki kismat kyun kharab hoti hai?
Why is that in our country only the destiny of a common man is bad?
# 2
Aaj ke zamaane mein sharif hona bahut bada gunaah hai
In today's society, it is a very big crime to be honest
# 3
Pati ki galati par ladna patni ki adhikar hai
It is right of a wife to fight when the husband is wrong
# 4
Aam aadmi ko maarne ki zaroorat nahi padti ... us par paise ka thoda extra bhoj daal do ... khud ba khud marr jayega
You don't have to kill a common man ... just put some extra burden of money on him ... and he will die by himself
# 5
Jahan kaam aaye sui ... wahan talwar se kaam lete ho?
Where you need a needle ... there you are using a sword?
# 6
Kanoon ke samne jhoot bolna bhi bahut bada apradh hai
To lie in front of the law is also a very big crime
# 7
Nyay ke liye ladna bhi toh hamara naitik farz hai
It is our moral duty to fight for justice
# 8
Yeh court kacheri ka chakkar sharifon ke liye nahi hai
Running around court cases is not meant for simple people
Song Lyrics - Gali Gali Chor Hai
Gali Gali Chor HaiGali Gali Chor Hai
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