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Bhaiaji Superhit

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Nateejon ki sochke faisle lena hamari fitrat nahi hai ... nateeje hamare faislo se badal jaaye karte hai
It's not my habit to take a decision thinking about the outcome ... the outcomes change themselves based on my decisions
# 2
(Ab hum aapke bina jee nahi sakte) - Hum oxygen hai ka?
(Now I can't live without you) - Am I like oxygen?
# 3
Joh joh unke nikat hota hai na ... samajh lo uski jeb mein death ka ticket hota hai
Whoever is close to him ... they have a ticket to death in their pocket
# 4
Samjhana aise chahiye ... ki samajhne wala samajhne ke liye khada bhi na rahe
You should explain to someone in such a way that ... the person who needs to understand should not even be capable to stand up after understanding
# 5
When I'm high ... I don't lie
When I'm high ... I don't lie
# 6
Ae Munna, jab tumne tamancha chhua bhi nahi tha ... tab se hum top se apna cigarette sulgaya karte the
Hey boy, when you had not even touched a gun ... since that time I've been lighting my cigarette with a military tank
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