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Lies & Cheating

Lies & Cheating Dialogues

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# 61
Main juttha toh kutte ka jaana ... aur sachcha toh teri maa ka khasam ... bhenchod!
If I'm a liar then I'm a bitch's son ... and if I'm correct then your mother's illegitimate lover ... you sister fucker!
# 62
Yeh sach hai ki maine tumse jhoot kaha ... par yeh bhi sach hai ki maine tumse mohabbat ki hai
It's true that I lied to you ... but it's also true that I've loved you
# 63
Dhokhe ki khaasiyat hoti hai ... usse dene wala aksar koi khaas hi hota hai
Cheating has one specialty ... often the one who cheats is our dear one
# 64
Haan main cheating karta tha, par sirf khel mein ... tune toh zindagi ko khel samajh ke mujhe cheat kar diya
Yes I used to cheat, but only in a game ... but you've cheated me by considering life as a game
# 65
Jhoot main bol nahi sakta ... aur sach tum pakad logi
I can't say the lie ... and you'll catch the truth
# 66
Jhoote saboot kitne bhi mazboot ho ... jhoote hi hote hai
No matter how strong the false evidences are ... they are lies
# 67
Joh ladki apne baap ko thug sakti hai ... woh kisi aur ki sagi kya hogi
The girl who betray's her own father ... how can she be trusted by anyone else
# 68
Imaandari kitni bhi bewakoof ho ... aakhir ek din uski tarakki zaroor hoti hai ... aur baimaani kitni bhi chalaak ho ... ek din usse jail mein zaroor jana padta hai
No matter how foolish honesty is ... one day it definitely advances ... and no matter how smart dishonesty is ... one day it definitely has to go to the jail
# 69
If you lie, you die!
If you lie, you die!
# 70
Shayad sach hamare rishtey ko jodh na paye ... lekin jhoot isse zaroor todh dega
May be the truth won't be able to join our relationship ... but lies will definitely break it
# 71
Yeh kursi bhi bewafaa mehbooba ki tarah hai ... aaj iski toh kal uski
This chair is also like an unfaithful girlfriend ... today its his, tomorrow someone elses
# 72
Sach aur jhoot sirf dekh ke nahi jana ja sakta ... uske liye dil ki kasauti chahiye
Truth and lie is not only known by seeing ... one needs a test of heart for that
# 73
Mere har jhoot ki niyat sachi hai
Every lie of mine had an honest intention
# 74
Agar yeh jhoot hua ... toh yeh tumhara aakhri jhoot hoga
If this turns out to be a lie ... then this will be your last lie
# 75
Jis jhoot se ghar basta hai ... woh ghar, ghar nahi hota
A home that is made on lies ... is not a home
# 76
Jab sach se ladne ki taqat na ho ... toh jhoot ka sahara lena padta hai
When you don't have the strength to fight with the truth ... then you have to take the support of the lie
# 77
Jhoot aksar bahut aasani se gaale se neeche utar jaata hai ... sach ko nighalna bahut kathin hai
A lie can be swallowed pretty easily ... but it is very hard to swallow the truth
# 78
Is duniya mein agar tum sach dheere se bologe toh koi nahin manega ... aur agar jhoot, jhoot chila chila kar bologe toh sab maan jaate hain
In this world if you say the truth softly then no one will believe it ... and lie, if you shout and say the lie then everyone believes it
# 79
Confidence ke saath bolo na ... toh film industry jhoot ko bhi sach maan leti hai
If you say with confidence ... then the film industry will even believe a lie to be the truth
# 80
Koi sach ka sahara leta hai toh koi jhooth ka ... maine ittefaq ka sahara liya
Someone takes the help of truth and someone takes the help of lies ... I took the help of coincidence
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