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Satyameva Jayate

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Do takke ki jaan lene nau millimeter ki goli nahi ... chappan inch ka jigra chahiye
You don't need a 9 mm bullet to take a life that's worth only 2 pennies ... you need a 56 inch wide chest
# 2
Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi ... par joh maare satya vaste uske sang saiyan hoye
No one can kill the one who has God on his side ... but the one who kills for truth, God is on his side
# 3
Ab tujhe aisi maut maroonga ... ki tu is janam mein jalega ... lekin dard agle janam tak chalega
Now I'll give you such a death that ... you'll burn in this life ... but the pain will go on till your next life
# 4
Ek shapath aapne li thi ... apni vardi, apne farz ke liye ... ek shapath maine li hai baba ... is medal ki khoyi hui izzat lautane ki ... jinhe khakhi pehenne ka haq nahi ... unhe khaak mein milane ki
You had taken one oath ... for your uniform, for your duty ... I've taken one oath dad ... to bring back the respect that this medal has lost ... and those who don't have the right to wear this uniform ... to destroy them
# 5
Ghunghat mein ho ya burkhe mein ... is desh mein aurat ko devi maante hai ... aur joh devi ki izzat utaare ... usse hum sare aam maarte hai
Be it in a veil or a burka ... in this country we consider a woman as a goddess ... and those who don't respect a goddess ... we kill them openly
# 6
Dhokhe ki khaasiyat hoti hai ... usse dene wala aksar koi khaas hi hota hai
Cheating has one specialty ... often the one who cheats is our dear one
# 7
Choti machli bahut pakad li ... ab magarmach pakadne ki baari hai
Enough catching the small fishes ... now it's time to catch the crocodile
# 8
Lagbag chaar hazar do sau dharam hai is duniya mein ... aur unki wajah se na jaane kitne log har din marte hai, maarte hai ... lekin tum jaiso ne ek naye dharam ko janam diya hai ... corruption
There are approximately 4200 religions in this world ... and because of them so many people die and kill others ... but people like you have given birth to a new religion ... and that's corruption
# 9
(Rok kar dikha) ... Rokunga bhi aur thokunga bhi
(Try to stop me) ... I'll stop you and kill you as well
# 10
Mujrim ko umar qaid ki saza dilane ka kharcha tax payer pe bahut zyada hai ... phaansi par latkane ki rassi ka stock kam hai ... magar sarkari revolver ki goli mein aaj bhi bahut dum hai
The expense to punish a criminal for life in prison is already very high on a tax payer ... the rope for hanging someone is low in stock ... but even today there's a lot of power in a government service revolver
# 11
Kanoon ko haath mein lene ka haq ... sirf kanoon ke haathon ko hota hai
The right to take the law in the hand ... lies only with the law itself
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