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Lies & Cheating

Lies & Cheating Dialogues

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# 21
Maine zindagi bhar sirf jhoot bola hai ... yahi mera sach hai
I have lied my whole life ... that is my truth
# 22
Hum Bajrangbali ke bakht hai ... mar jayenge lekin jhoot nahi bolenge
I'm a devotee of Lord Hanuman ... I'll die but I won't lie
# 23
Kiska jhoot, jhoot hai ... kiske sach mein sach nahi ... hai ki hai nahi, bas yahi sawaal hai ... aur sawaal ka jawaab bhi sawaal hai
Whose lie is a lie ... whose truth is not the truth ... whether it's there or not, just that's the question ... and the answer of the question is also a question
# 24
Sau mein se assi beimaan ... phir bhi mera desh mahaan
Out of 100, 80 are cheaters ... but still my country is great
# 25
Sach bolega ek baar maroonga ... jhoot bola toh iktaalis bar maroonga
If you say the truth, I will hit you once ... and if you lie then I will hit you 41 times
# 26
Zindagi se zyada mohabbat nahi karni chahiye ... aakhir mein sabse haseen dhokha zindagi hi deti hai
One should not love life a lot ... in the end the most beautiful betrayal is given by life
# 27
Hum apne baare mein joh bhi kahenge jhoot kahenge ... aur jhoot ke sivah kuch nahi kahenge
Whatever we say about us we will lie ... and we will say nothing but the lie
# 28
Achchai burai, sahi galat, ek hi sikke ke do pehlu hi toh hai ... na jaane kaun sa pehlu tumhari kismat ban jaaye ... kisko pata
Niceness evil, right wrong, they are two sides of a single coin ... which side will become your destiny ... who knows
# 29
Yahan insaaf nahi hone waala ... yahan sirf jhoot kaha jayega, jhoot suna jayega aur jhoot likha jayega
There is not going to be any justice done here ... here only the lies will be said, the lies will be heard and the lies will be written
# 30
Itna bada jhoot mat bol ... ki jhoot bhi sharminda ho jaye
Don't say such a big lie ... that even the lie gets embarrassed
# 31
Akela chor kisi ko dhokha nahin de sakta ... khud ko bhi nahin
A single thief cannot betray anyone ... not even himself
# 32
Jis dhan ke liye aap duniya se dokha kar rahe hai, apne azeezon se, apne doston se dokha kar rahe hai, apne saathiyon se dokha kar rahe hai ... ussi dhan ke haathon aap khud bhi dokha khayenge
The money for which you are cheating the world, your dear ones, your friends, your colleagues ... you'll be cheated by the hands of that money
# 33
Yeh cheating nahi hai ... yeh setting hai
This is not cheating ... this is setting
# 34
Baatein jhooti ho sakti hai ... kahaniyan nahi
Conversations can be lies ... but not stories
# 35
Jahan sach na chale wahan jhoot sahi ... aur jahan haq na mile wahan loot sahi
Say the lie where truth is not accepted ... and steal where you don't get your right
# 36
Woh sach joh duniya ko jhoota lage ... usse daba hi dena chahiye
A truth that the world thinks is a lie ... should be buried
# 37
Kabhi kabhi ek jhoot bhi insaan ko tabaah kar sakta hai ... aur kabhi ek sach bhi
Sometimes even one lie can destroy a person ... and sometimes even one truth
# 38
Zindagi ki har baat sirf sach yah jhoot nahin hoti
Everything in life is not only either true or false
# 39
Woh moorkh hota hai joh sirf sach ko hi jaanta hai ... aur sach aur jhooth ke fark ko nahi jaanta hai
A person is a fool if he knows just the truth ... and not the difference between the truth and the lie
# 40
Bholi bhali shakal waale hote hai jallad se ... bewafaaon se pyar kaun kare, husn ka aitbaar kaun kare
Those who have innocent faces are like executioners ... no one wants to love the dishonest people, no one wants to trust a beautiful body
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