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Tulip Joshi

# 1
Kabhi nahi socha tumne ki saari umar jhule par tumhara haath thaame joh ladki baithi hai ... uska is poore jahan mein le deke bas ek dost hi kyun hai ... kabhi nahi socha ki jis ladki ne ek ladke ke saath bachpan se jawani tak ka safar tay kiya ... usse apni baki zindagi ke liye kisi aur ki zaroorat kyun hoti ... kabhi nahi socha ki us pagli ke liye uska woh ek hi dost kaafi tha ... woh ek hi ladka ... tum
You never thought that the girl who is sitting holding your hand on the swing ... give or take, why does she have only one friend ... you never thought that the girl who has travelled the journey from childhood to youth along with one guy ... why would she need someone else for the rest of her life ... you never thought for that crazy girl, her one friend was more than enough ... that one guy ... you
# 2
Purani cheezein kabhi dhokha nahi deti
Old things never cheat
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