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MSG-2: The Messenger

Release Year - 2015
# 1
Na Hindu bura hai ... na hi Sikh, Isai, Musalman bura hai ... burai pe utar aaye woh insaan bura hai
Neither Hindus are evil ... nor are Sikhs, Christians and Muslims evil ... a person who comes down to evilness is evil
# 2
Haath agar aaise (khula haath) rehta hai toh gundon aur rakshason ko bhakt bana deta hai ... aur agar haath aaise (band mutthi) ho jaata hai toh rakshas bhi trahimam trahimam kar uthte hai
If a hands stays open palm then it turns goons and devils into devotees ... and if a hand turns into a closed fist then even devils get scared and surrender
# 3
Kahin aam ke bhooleke bomb na nighal jaana ... pata nahi chalega kitna phatta hai aur kitna baki reh gaya
Don't gulp a bomb thinking it's a mango ... because then we won't come to know how much it blasted and how much is left over
# 4
Main woh agjar hoon joh apne shikaar ko apni phoonkar se kheenchkar bina chabaye nighal jaata hoon
I'm that python who pulls, sucks and gulps his prey without evening chewing it
# 5
Maut ke aankhon mein aankhen daalkar baat karne waale ko hum veer kehte hai ... aur aisi veerta veeron ka gehna hoti hai
The one who looks into the eyes of death and talks to it, we call him courageous ... and such courage is the ornament of brave people
# 6
Maangan maran saman hai, arre mat koi maango beekh ... maangan se marna bhala, yeh satguru ki seekh
Begging is like dying, no one should go begging ... it's better to die than to beg, this is the preaching of a guru
# 7
Chaar kandhe arthi ke, kursi ke chaar paaye ... joh chahiye woh soch lo, kahe durjan Kabirai
The four shoulders that support a pyre, or the four legs of a chair of position ... think whatever you want, this rogue poet is saying that
# 8
Saare shareer par maar aur ladai mein haar ... mujhe dono pasand nahi hai
Wounds all over the body and defeat in a battle ... I don't like it both
# 9
Zyada chabar chabar aur buri khabar ... Chabuki ko dono pasand nahi
Talking nonsense and bad news ... Chabuki doesn't like it both
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