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Dara Singh

# 1
Pahadon se bhid jaane par bhi hridhay utna dukhi nahi hota ... jitna swabhimaan ko thes lagne par hota hai
Even on fighting against the mountains the heart doesn't feel that sad ... as much as it does when your self-respect gets hurt
# 2
Sansaar mein gangajal se paap dhone ke saath saath ... punya ki bhi dhaara bahao
In this world, along with rinsing your sins in the water of river Ganges ... also do some good deeds
# 3
Agyaanta mein kiye gaye paap ... shama ke yog hote hai aur punya phaldayak
The sins that are done in an unaware state ... are eligible for forgiveness and the good deeds are fruitful
# 4
Peeth par maara hai ... ab seene par khaoge
You've hit me on the back ... now you will face it on the chest
# 5
Dushman chatt ke neeche aa jaye ... toh mehmaan ban jaata hai
When an enemy comes under your roof ... then he becomes a guest
# 6
Jako rakhe saiyan, maar sake na koi ... baal na baka kar sake, joh jag bairi hoye
If God is protecting you, then there is no one that can harm you ... no one can even touch your hair, even if the whole world is against you
# 7
Hamare desh ki mitti apne beto ko sirf ek hi baat sikhati hai ... maa ki puja, maa ki seva, maa ki raksha
The soil of our country teaches its sons only one thing ... worship your mother, serve your mother, protect your mother
# 8
Jab koi ladki tofha qabool karle toh samjho uske dil mein pyar ki ganti ke bajaye ... ganta bajhne lagta hai
When a girl accepts a gift then understand that instead of bells ringing in her heart ... big bells are ringing
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