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Half Girlfriend

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Main tumhari girlfriend nahi hoon ... par I can be your half girlfriend
I'm not your girlfriend ... but I can be your half girlfriend
# 2
Kuch cheezein aisi toot'ti hai ki unka doobara judna possible nahi hota ... sirf daraarein reh jaati hai
Some things break in such a way that, you can't reconnect them ... only rifts are left behind
# 3
Hamari amma bachpan se sikhayi ... haaro mat ... haar ko harao
My mother has taught me this since childhood ... don't lose ... instead defeat the loss
# 4
When the heart breaks, awaaz toh nahi hoti ... but ek broken heart ko doosre broken heart ka awaaz always sunai deta hai
When the heart breaks, then there's no sound ... but a broken heart can always hear the sound of a broken heart
# 5
Wajah milta nahi hai, dhoondna padta hai ... aur dimaag se nahi, dil se poochiye ... aur jab dil wajah dhoond lega toh saara duniya aapko aapke lakshya tak pahuchane mein jutt jayega
You don't just find a reason, you have to search for it ... ask your heart and not your mind for it ... and once your heart finds that reason then the entire world will get together behind uniting you with your goal
# 6
Agar you playing, may be you losing ... magar agar you running away, toh you pakka losing
If you play, may be you'll lose ... but if you run away, then you'll definitely lose
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