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Defeat & Failure

Defeat & Failure Dialogues

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# 101
Mera dhyay ekdum saral ... saamne wale ko maat dena
My target is very simple ... just defeat the opponent
# 102
Success mein na luck ka koi importance nahi hota hai ... woh sirf failure ke liye ek bahana hai
Luck has no importance when it comes to success ... that's just a reason used for failure
# 103
Na gul-e-naghma hoon na parda-e-saaz ... main hoon apne shikast ki awaaz
I'm not a lyrical flower and neither a veil for a musical instrument ... I'm the sound of my defeat
# 104
Yudh mein kisi bhi paksh ki jeet nahi hoti ... dono paksh kuch na kuch haarte hai
In a war no one side wins ... both sides do lose something or the other
# 105
Jeet agar sar pe chhad jaye toh haar se bhi buri ban sakti hai
If victory gets on your head then it can become worse than the defeat
# 106
Soorma wohi hai bade joh har haal mein lade ... sar hatheli par lekar chale ... dharam unka hai veerta, karam unka hai veerta ... jeet ya haar hogi yeh sochte nahi
A brave person is someone who fights under any condition ... he's someone who walks with his death in his hand ... bravery is his faith and duty ... and they don't think whether they'll win or lose
# 107
Yeh duniya haarne waalon ka kabhi saath nahi deti
This world never stands by the people who lose
# 108
Zindagi kya hai, sab time aur naseeb ka khel hai ... khel main hota kya hai ... ek jeetta hai, ek haarta hai ... joh haarta hai uska naseeb, joh jeetta hai uska taqdeer
What is life, nothing but a game of time and destiny ... what happens in a game ... one wins, one loses ... the one who loses it's his destiny, and the one who wins it's his luck
# 109
Ghodi jab race mein daudti hai na toh beech raaste mein nahi rukti ... manzil tak daudti hai ... chahe phir woh race jeete ya hare
When a mare runs in a race then she doesn't stop in the middle ... she runs till the end ... no matter if she wins or loses the race
# 110
Ek dushman ko doosre dushman se lada dena chahiye ... nuksaan chahe kisi ka bhi ho ... fayda hamesha hamara hota hai
You should make one enemy fight the other enemy ... no matter who loses ... we'll always profit
# 111
Jab tak haarne ka darr na ho na ... tab tak jeetne mein maza nahi aata
Until you don't have the fear of losing ... till then there's no fun in winning
# 112
Joh juae ki baazi haarta hai ... woh hi mohabbat ki baazi jeetta hai
The one who loses in the game of gambling ... only he wins in the game of love
# 113
Shikast humne kabhi dekhi nahi ... jeet-e-jee hum kabhi mare nahi
I have never seen defeat ... livingly I have never died
# 114
Tanki mein nahin tel ... toh bade se bada engineer fail
If you don't have oil in the car tank ... then even the biggest engineer is a fail
# 115
Agar insaan haare bhi na ... toh uh kaam karke jisse woh dil se karna chahe
If a person has to lose ... then it should be in doing a thing which he wants to do from his heart
# 116
Khel mein haare hue khiladi aur jua mein haare hue juari ... dono hi mere kisi kaam ke nahi
A player who loses in a game and a gambler who loses in gambling ... both are of no use to me
# 117
Maqsad-e-ishq ka dekha hai nirala dastoor ... ki hum fail huye, jab humne sabak yaad kiya
I've seen a strange routine with the purpose of love ... that I've failed whenever I studied the lessons
# 118
Yakeen aur jeet mein bahut kam farak hota hai ... aur jeetne waale kabhi harne ke bare mein nahi sochte
There is very less difference between certainty and victory ... and those who win don't think about losing
# 119
Kisine kaha hai ki khel mein haar ja jeet mayne nahi rakhti ... woh usne haarne ke baad hi kaha hoga ... kyun ki khel sirf jeetne ke liye khela jaata hai
Someone has said that winning or losing doesn't matter in a game ... but he must have said that only after losing ... because a game is played only to win
# 120
Tansen ki shikast mein sangeet ki jeet chupi hui hai
The victory of music is hidden in the loss of Tansen
Song Lyrics - Defeat & Failure
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