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Release Year - 2021
# 1
Saamne koi bhi ho ... main toh bas maar doongi
It doesn't matter who's in front of me ... I'm just going to kill them
# 2
Mujhe woh champion nahi chahiye joh mann mein jeet ke baare mein sochta hai ... mujhe woh champion chahiye joh jeet ke alava aur kuch nahi sochta hai
I don't need a champion who thinks about winning from his heart ... I need a champion who doesn't think anything else other than winning
# 3
Darr asal mein is baat ka nahi hai ke hum bade sapne dekhte hai joh poore nahi hote ... asal mein darr toh is baat ka hai ke hum chote sapne dekhte hai joh poore ho jaate hai
The fear is not from the fact that we see big dreams that don't get fulfilled ... the fear is from the fact that we see small dreams that do get fulfilled
# 4
Woh joh matki phodne ka khel hota hai na ... matki phodta toh ek hi hai ... lekin usse us oonchai tak pahunchane wale bahut kandhe hote hai ... mukaam saamne dikhta hai ... aise mein bedhadak chalaang lagani chahiye ... phisalkar gir padhe toh wohi kandhe sambhal lenge ... lekin agar matki tak pahunche aur phod dali ... toh itihaas rach doge
The game in which you break a pot ... there's only one person who breaks the pot ... but there are many shoulders that take that one person to that height ... now when you see your goal in front of you ... then in that situation you should jump without any fear ... because even if you slide and fall then those shoulders will save you ... but if you get to the pot and break it ... then you'll create history
# 5
Raaste par chalna ek baat hai Saina ... aur raasta banana doosri baat hai ... tu na beta woh doosri baat karne ki soch
Saina, it's one thing to walk on a path ... and it's a different thing to create the path ... you just think about doing the second thing
# 6
Mera dhyay ekdum saral ... saamne wale ko maat dena
My target is very simple ... just defeat the opponent
# 7
Number one ke sapne paalna khatre se khali nahi hota
Dreaming about being number one is full of danger
# 8
Game jeetne ke liye tum kya karti ho yeh important nahi hai ... important hai ki game jeetne ke liye tum kya chhodti ho
It's not important what you do to win the game ... it's important what you give up to win the game
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