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Release Year - 1992
# 1
Parampara ko na koi talwar kaat sakti hai, na koi aag jala sakti aur na waqt badal sakta hai
Tradition can't be cut by any sword, it can't be burned by any fire and neither can time change it
# 2
Band karo yeh yudh ... is yudh ki jeet mein bhi haar hai aur haar mein bhi haar hai
Stop this battle ... there is a loss in winning this battle and there is loss in losing as well
# 3
Jab main aankhen bandh karti hoon aapki tasveer mere samne aati hai ... jab main saans leti hoon aapki khushboo aati hai ... jab main soo jaati hoon aap mere sapno mein aa jaate hai
When I close my eyes then your picture comes in front of me ... when I breath then your fragrance comes ... when I sleep then you come in my dreams
# 4
Dosti do tareekon se hoti hai ... ya toh bachpan mein saath khelen ho ... ya sirf pehli mulaqat mein
Friendship can happen in two ways ... either if you have played together in childhood ... or else in the first meeting
Song Lyrics - Parampara
Phoolon Ke Is Shehar MeinPhoolon Ke Is Shehar Mein
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