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Action Dialogues

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# 101
Zinda laane ki zaroorat nahi ... murde bhi chalenge
No need to get them alive ... dead is also fine
# 102
Maratha marta hai yah maarta hai
A Marathi man either dies or kills
# 103
Tum logo ke bheje mein baat toh jaati nahi hai ... sirf goli jaati hai
There is no talk that goes in your brain ... only a bullet goes
# 104
Don ke dushman ... Don ke haathon marne ke liye hi paida hote hai
Enemies of Don ... are born only to be killed by Dons own hands
# 105
Jisse zindagi ki parvah hoti hai ... maa kasam maarne ka mazaa us hi ko aata hai
The one who cares about life ... I swear on my mother, it is fun to kill them
# 106
Tere ghar mein calendar hai ... 97 gaur se dekh le, kyun ki 98 tu dekh nahin payega
Do you have a calendar in your house ... look at the year of 1997 carefully, because you won't be able to see 1998
# 107
Mere parivar se ulajhne se pehle mere baare mein jaan lete ... toh achcha hota
It would have been better ... if you would have learnt about me, before you clashed with family
# 108
Tezzi goli mein nahi ... chalane waale mein hoti hai
Speed is not in the bullet ... it is in the shooter
# 109
Suar hamesha group mein shikaar karte hai ... aur sher akele
Pigs always hunts in a group ... and a tiger alone
# 110
Isse bachane mein mera koi fayda nahi ... aur tujhe todh daalne mein mera koi nuksaan nahi
I am not going to profit by saving her ... and I won't be at a loss in breaking you
# 111
Main mar nahin sakta, na hi zinda pakda ja sakta hoon ... bas maar sakta hoon, sirf maar sakta hoon
I cannot die, neither can I be caught alive ... I can kill, I can only kill
# 112
Comedy toh abhi abhi shuru ki hai beta ... action main tees saal se karta aa raha hoon
Son, I have just started with comedy ... but I have been doing action since 30 years
# 113
Aaj agar maut khud mere aur uske beech khadi ho jaaye na ... toh main maut ko bhi maar doonga
Today even if death stands between me and him ... then I will kill death also
# 114
Na commitment, na appointment ... only punishment!
No commitment, no appointment ... only punishment!
# 115
Sher din mein athra ghante soota hai ... lekin jab jaagta hai tab sabko sula deta hai
A tiger sleeps for 18 hours in a day ... but when he awakens, he puts everyone to sleep
# 116
Ek din naak mein nakel daalke kheench ke leke jaaunga tujhe main yahan se
One day I'll push a stick in your nose and drag you from here
# 117
Jitne mere khilaf khade huye hai ... woh saale kabr mein pair failake lete huye hai
All the people who stood against me ... they are all lying down with their legs stretched in their grave
# 118
Meri ek khasiyat hai ki main maarta kam hoon ... aur ghaseet-ta zyada hoon
I have a speciality that I hit less ... and I drag more
# 119
Tum agar ek maaroge toh hum char maarenge
If you kill one then we will kill four
# 120
Ab sailaab aayega Madan Chopra ... sailaab aayega
Now flood will come Madan Chopra ... flood will come
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