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Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Har taale ki ek chaabi hoti hai ... aur jiski chaabi nahi na hoti, uski hathodi hoti hai
Every lock comes with a key ... and the one that doesn't come with a key, there's a hammer for that
# 2
Mujhe talash hai ek aisi pativrata ladki ki ... joh mummy ko kitchen mein ghusne na de aur pati ko bedroom mein se nikalne na de
I'm in search of such a virtuous girl ... who won't let her mother-in-law enter in the kitchen and who won't let her husband leave the bedroom
# 3
Aapki toh twacha itni gori hai ke aapki mail se cream ban jayegi
Your skin is so fair that even the dirt on your body can easily be turned into a cream
# 4
Aap jaisi ladki ka haath lagna matlab ... ek kilo doodh mein se dus kilo paneer ka nikalna
When a girl like you touches with her hand ... then it's like, one kilo of milk turning into ten kilos of cottage cheese
# 5
Doodh phatne ka gham woh manata hai jisse paneer banana nahi aata
A person who becomes sad when milk goes sour, is someone who doesn't know how to make cottage cheese
Song Lyrics - Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari
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