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Sadak 2

Release Year - 2020
# 1
Humko duniya vaisi hi nazar aati hai jaise hum khud hote hai
We see the world in the same way as we ourselves are
# 2
Desh ke kone kone mein bijli laane se andhera nahi mitega ... hum sabko ek hokar andhvishwas ke andheron se ladna hoga
You won't eliminate darkness by bringing light to every corner of the country ... for that we'll have to unite and fight against the darkness of superstition
# 3
Asli himmat woh hoti hai joh darr ke bawajood jutani padti hai
True courage is that when we can gather it in spite of fear
# 4
Aadmi karz lauta sakta hai ... ehsaan nahi
A man can pay back a loan ... but not a favour
# 5
Sach ko sach karne ke liye do logon ki zaroorat padti hai ... ek joh sach bol sakta hai ... aur doosra joh sach sun sakta hai
Two people are needed to prove that the truth is in fact the real truth ... one who can speak the truth ... and second who can listen to that truth
# 6
Poore brahmand mein bina koi kaaran kuch ghatta nahi hai
In this entire universe everything happens for a reason
# 7
Safar shuru hone se pehle tum safar ke malik hote ho ... magar jab safar shuru hota hai toh safar hi malik ho jaata hai
You're the owner of a journey before the journey starts ... but the journey itself becomes the owner once it starts
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