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Release Year - 2020
# 1
Acting kya hai, oxygen hai ... uske bagaira mar jayenge
Acting is nothing but oxygen ... we'll die without it
# 2
Main fan ke dil mein aata hoon aur dushman ke dimaag mein
I come in the heart of my fan and in the mind of my enemy
# 3
Kauva ho ya hans ... har panchi ki fitrat rehti hai udaan barne ki
Be it a crow or a swan ... it's in the nature of every bird to fly
# 4
Kuch logon ko pata hota hai ki kya karna hai, kahan jaana hai ... aur woh apne taqdeer se lad-jagadkar apna maqam bana hi lete hai ... aur kuch logon ko kainaat chunti hai ... unhe bas us chunne huye raste pe chalna hota hai
Some people know what they have to do, where they have to go ... and they fight with their destiny and attain their goals ... while some people get selected by the universe ... and they just have to walk on that selected path
# 5
Jahan na pahunche ravi, wahan pahunche kavi
A poet's pen can reach even those places where the sun can't reach
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