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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Definitely party hard but work harder ... kyun ki aapka aaj hi aapka kal banata hai
Definitely party hard but work harder ... because your today is what defines your tomorrow
# 2
Rishtey darwazo ki tarah hote hai ... koi naya rishta judhta hai toh darwaze khulte hai ... koi rishta tootta hai toh darwaza bandh ho jaata hai ... par kuch darwaze hum itni zor se bandh karte hai ki woh darasal bandh hi nahi hote ... bas jhoolte reh jaate hai ... aur humein pata bhi nahi chalta par halke se khule reh jaate hai
Relationships are like doors ... doors open up when a new relationship is formed ... a door closes when a relationship ends ... but we try to close some doors so hard that they end up not being closed ... they just keep swinging around ... and we don't even come to know that they remain slightly open
# 3
Bhagwan ne do hi toh achi cheezein banayi hai ... filmein aur main
God has created only two good things ... movies and me
# 4
Pal hasake jaye ya pal rulake jaye ... hamesha yaad rehne chahiye ... kyun ki joh yaad nahi woh pal nahi
Whether moments of time make you smile or make you cry ... you should always remember them ... because what you don't remember aren't moments of time
# 5
Ishq nahi full-on ishqeria ho gaya tha mujhe
Not just simple love, I was totally crazy in love
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