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Sunny Deol

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# 121
Main apne haath do hi waqt uthata hoon ... dua ke liye, joh mera imaan hai ... aur zulm ke khilaaf ladne ke liye, joh mera ishq hai
I raise my hands only at two times ... once to pray, which is my faith ... and other to fight against injustice, which is my love
# 122
Hussain ka ek ghoonsa ... aur teri khopdi ke bawees tukde
One punch from Hussien ... and your brain will be in 22 pieces
# 123
Itni zor se patkunga ki tappa khakar chatt se lagega
I'll throw you so hard that you'll bounce and fall on the terrace
# 124
Main sarkari afsar hoon ... farz mera dharm hai
I am a government officer ... duty is my religion
# 125
Jab main dushman ke saath haath milata hoon ... toh uske haath ki jeevan rekhayein mitt jaati hai
When I shake hands with my enemy ... it erases his lifeline from his hands
# 126
Insaan hi insaan ka sabse bada dushman hai ... insaan hi insaan pe zulm karta hai, usse lootta hai, uska ghar ujhaad deta hai
A human is the biggest enemy of a human ... a human is the one who does injustice on humans, steals him, destroys his home
# 127
Main teri maut bankar aaya hoon ... aur teri maut atal hai
I have come as your death ... and your death is firm
# 128
Jatt risky after balti whiskey
A punjabi is risky after a bucket of whiskey
# 129
Jab tumhari bhatakti hui rooh tumhare mulk pahunche ... toh ek ek shaitan se kehna ki dobara hamare desh ki taraf aankhen uthane ki jurrat na kare
When your lost soul reaches your country ... then tell each and every devil that they better don't dare to even look at our country
# 130
Ab agar teri maut bhi chahe ... toh bhi teri maut tal nahi sakti
Now even if your death desires ... then to your death can't be avoided
# 131
Jab ek ki doosre se ranjish ho, usse dushmani kaha jaata hai ... aur jab do yodha mil jaye, usse jung ka elaan
When there is animosity between two people, it's called as enmity ... and when two knights unite, it's called the announcement of a war
# 132
Is shehar par aaisa qahar bankar gir ... ki insaan toh kya ... is shehar ka zara zara us qahar se kaanp uthte, gabrakar chilla uthte
Create such a havoc on this city ... that forget a person ... every little bit of this city should shiver from that havoc and shout with fear
# 133
Dil koi bartan nahi hai ... jisse apni marzi se banaya aur toda ja sake
The heart is not a vessel ... which you make and break at your own wish
# 134
Mera muhafiz hai khuda, toh phir hai kaun joh mujhko utha sake ... teri kya aukaad hai, joh jahaan se mujhe mitta sake
God is my guardian, so no one can kill me ... you don't have the status, to eradicate me from this world
# 135
Intezaar kar aur dekh, maut jab dheere dheere aati hai ... toh kitni khaufnak hoti hai
Wait and watch, when death comes slowly slowly ... then how ferocious it is
# 136
Insaan joh karam karta hai ... unhi karamon ki karmi milti hai usse
The deeds that a person does ... he goes through the consequences of the same deeds
# 137
Sache dil se baat karne se ... zindagi bhar ki galatiyan maaf ho jaati hai
When you talk with a honest heart ... then all the mistakes of life will be forgiven
# 138
Agar tune meri zindagi ki taraf aankh uthakar bhi dekha ... toh teri zindagi mein aaise aaise scene likh doonga ... joh na tune kabhi dekhe honge na sune honge
Even if you try to look towards my life ... then I'll write such scenes in your life ... which you would have never seen before and neither heard of
# 139
Ghar na toh char deewaron ka naam hai aur na un char deewaron ke andhar rehne waalon ka ... ghar toh us pyar ka naam hai joh hawaon mein ghula hua hai
The four walls are not called a house and neither are the people living in those four walls ... a house is the name of the love that is mixed in the air
# 140
Gunaah ke keechad mein begunaahi ke kamal kabhi nahi khil sakte
The flowers of innocence can never blossom in the mud of crime
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