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Sunny Deol

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# 141
Upar waale ne har insaan ko kisi na kisi hunar ya kabiliyat se nawaza hai ... agar hum usse pehchaan le toh kamyabi kahin bhi hasil ho sakti hai
God has gifted everyone with some talent, some ability ... if we are able to recognize that then success can be achieved anywhere
# 142
Main bhi wohi karta hoon joh upar waala kehta hai ... woh nahi joh yeh upar waale kehte hai
I do what God tells me ... and not what these people above me tell me
# 143
Agar tune meri zindagi ki taraf aankh uthakar bhi dekha ... toh teri zindagi mein aaise aaise scene likh doonga ... joh na tune kabhi dekhe honge na sune honge
Even if you try to look towards my life ... then I'll write such scenes in your life ... which you would have never seen before and neither heard of
# 144
Ghar na toh char deewaron ka naam hai aur na un char deewaron ke andhar rehne waalon ka ... ghar toh us pyar ka naam hai joh hawaon mein ghula hua hai
The four walls are not called a house and neither are the people living in those four walls ... a house is the name of the love that is mixed in the air
# 145
Gunaah ke keechad mein begunaahi ke kamal kabhi nahi khil sakte
The flowers of innocence can never blossom in the mud of crime
# 146
Charitra aadmi ko banata hai ... kapde nahi
A person is known by his character ... and not by the clothes that he wears
# 147
Sachai ke saath saath agar kuch chahiye toh woh hai sansani ... yehi hai aaj ki sachai
If you need something along with truth then that's sensation ... this is the truth of today
# 148
Zindagi kisi ek ke ho jaane ka naam hai ... kisi ko lootne ka nahi ... kisi pe lut jaane ka naam hai
Life is all about becoming of one person ... it's not about stealing from someone ... it's about dying for someone
# 149
Tujhe chahiye desi ilaaj aur woh ilaaj karega yeh desi haath
You need a local treatment and this local hand will do that treatment
# 150
Roti ka chakka jab kuchalta hai na ... toh sabse pehle moolya, siddhant, kuchle jaate hai
When the flour mill of bread crushes you ... then it crushes your values and principles first
# 151
Hum gunde hai aur jab tak hum hamare andar ke gunde ko khatam nahi karenge ... tab tak samaaj mein gundagardi khatam nahi hogi
We are goons and until we eliminate the goon within us ... till then rowdyism in the society will not end
# 152
Insaan halaat ke bas mein hota hai ... halaat insaan ke bas mein nahi hote hai
A human is controlled by situations ... situations are not controlled by humans
# 153
Isse pehle ke kuch netaon ne toh sirf yeh desh becha hoga ... magar yeh woh hai joh is desh ka balatkar kar dega
Some politicians before him have only sold this country ... but he is someone who will rape this country
# 154
Kutte ko izzat di jaye toh use pichli seat pe bithaya jata hai ... par koode ko bori mein daalkar dicki mein patka jata hai
A dog is given respect when it allowed to sit on the back seat ... but thrash is wrapped in a sack and thrown in the car trunk
# 155
Samjhana aise chahiye ... ki samajhne wala samajhne ke liye khada bhi na rahe
You should explain to someone in such a way that ... the person who needs to understand should not even be capable to stand up after understanding
# 156
Agar tumne ek kadam bhi aur badaya ... toh aaj ke baad tum apne pairon se nahi chal sakoge
If you take even one step forward ... then from today you won't be able to walk on your legs
# 157
Maut roz toh nahi aati, sirf ek baar aati hai ... aur uska din aur samay bhagwan muqarar karta hai ... darwaaze pe cheekne waala dushman nahi
Death doesn't come everyday, it just comes once ... and god decides the day and time for that ... not the enemy who shouts on your door
# 158
Sakht kanoon banane se nahi ... kanoon ka sakhti se paalan karne se hi atyachar kam honge
Not by making stricter laws ... but injustice will reduce by following the laws in a strict manner
# 159
Main goli aur boli dono zubaane jaanta hoon
I know the language of bullet and words both
# 160
Dimaag ki charbi ke saath saath main badan ki charbi bhi nikal deta hoon
Along with removing attitude from the brain, I also remove the fat from the body
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