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Sunny Deol

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# 161
Roti ka chakka jab kuchalta hai na ... toh sabse pehle moolya, siddhant, kuchle jaate hai
When the flour mill of bread crushes you ... then it crushes your values and principles first
# 162
Charitra aadmi ko banata hai ... kapde nahi
A person is known by his character ... and not by the clothes that he wears
# 163
Sachai ke saath saath agar kuch chahiye toh woh hai sansani ... yehi hai aaj ki sachai
If you need something along with truth then that's sensation ... this is the truth of today
# 164
Joh lada jung ke maidan par wohi shaheed hua ... lekin joh lada hi nahi woh pehle hi gaya ... samman ki is ladai mein apmaan bhi hoga ... lekin joh apni nazaron se girega woh atmasamman se bhi gaya ... besharamon ki is basti mein ab humne toh thaan li hai ... tann pe rahe na ek bhi kapda lekin izzat humne apni zaroor bachani hai
The one who fought in the battlefield is the one who became a martyr ... but the one who didn't even fight is dead before that ... in this fight for respect we'll might get disrespected ... but the one who falls in his own eyes has lost even his self-respect ... now in this colony of shameless people we've decided that ... even if we don't have a single piece of clothing on our body but still we have to protect our dignity
# 165
Upar waale ne har insaan ko kisi na kisi hunar ya kabiliyat se nawaza hai ... agar hum usse pehchaan le toh kamyabi kahin bhi hasil ho sakti hai
God has gifted everyone with some talent, some ability ... if we are able to recognize that then success can be achieved anywhere
# 166
Main bhi wohi karta hoon joh upar waala kehta hai ... woh nahi joh yeh upar waale kehte hai
I do what God tells me ... and not what these people above me tell me
# 167
Main jaanta tha tumhari aankhon mein mera intezar hai, tumhare dil mein mera pyar hai ... magar yeh zalim zamana hum dono ke beech deewar hai
I knew that your eyes were waiting for me, my love is there in your heart ... but this cruel world is a wall between the two of us
# 168
Kanoon tere haathon ka khilona hai ... khoon karna tera pesha hai ... gharon ko barbaad karna tera karam hai ... duniya mein makkari phailana tera dharam hai ... tu laathi se nahi goliyon ke dum par is duniya mein jee raha hai
The law is a toy in your hands ... killing someone is your occupation ... destroying homes is your deed ... spreading cunningness is your religion ... and you're living in this world on the basis of a bullet and not a stick
# 169
Ab khel hoga ... lekin mohre unke honge aur chaal hamari hogi
Now we'll play the game ... but the pawns will be theirs and the ploy will be ours
# 170
Duniya mein har dharm ke liye alag alag desh hai ... koi Hindu rashtra hai, koi Muslim, koi Isai ... sirf hamara Hindustan ek aaisa desh hai ... jiske dil mein har dharm ke logon ke liye jagah hai
In this world for every religion there is a different country ... some are Hindu countries, some are Muslim, some are Christian ... but our India is one such country ... which has a place for people of every religion in its heart
# 171
Kabhi kabhi bada sach samne laane ke liye, chota jhooth bolna galat baat nahi
Sometimes to bring forward a big truth, it's not wrong to say a small lie
# 172
Bimari aur jurm ... chupane se dono badte hai
Disease and crime ... they both grow when you hide them
# 173
Tab tak mere samne mat aana jab tak meri aankhen na kamzor ho jaye
Don't come in front of me until my eyes become weak
# 174
Main tumhe bahut pyar karta hoon ... itna jitna suraj karta hai apni kiranon se, chand karta hai apni chandni se, phool karte hai apni khushboo se
I love you a lot ... as much as the sun loves its sunrays, as much as the moon loves its moonlight, as much as the flowers love their fragrance
# 175
Yeh pao kilo ka bheja bhi ajeeb cheez hai ... theek ho tab bhi takleef deta hai ... aur agar na theek ho, tab toh aur bhi takleef deta hai
This quarter kilo brain is a strange thing ... it gives us problems when it's ok ... and if it's not ok, then it gives us much more problems
# 176
Bhaagne ki koshish mat karna ... main bhagode criminals ko goli maar deta hoon
Don't try to run ... I shoot criminals who are on the run
# 177
Takleefein hi aadmi ko mazboot banati hai
Pains make a man tougher
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