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Sunny Deol

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# 101
Kisi ke liye nafrat itni geheraiyo tak agar utar jaaye ... utne geheraiyo tak usse pyar bhi hota hai
When you hate someone to a great extent ... then you tend to love the person to the same extent
# 102
Ishq ki kismat ka faisla khud ishq hi karta hai ... koi doosra nahi
The decision on the destiny of love is done by love itself ... not by anyone else
# 103
Jhoot ki deewarein imaandari ki thokar par ret ka dher ban jayengi
The walls of lies break and turn into sand when they are knocked by honesty
# 104
When jatt full tight ... is full right
When a Sikh is drunk ... then he is completely right
# 105
Meri shaadi ho chuki hai, magar maut se
I am married, but with death
# 106
Jab yeh haath kisi par desi tarike se padta hai na ... toh aadmi gendh ki tarah boundary se nahi ... stadium se bahar chala jaata hai
When this hand falls on someone in the Indian style ... then that person flies like a ball not only behind the boundary ... but also out of the stadium
# 107
Samundar mein mutthi bhar shakkar dalne se ... uska namak kam nahin ho jaata
If you throw a handful of sugar in the ocean ... that doesn't reduce its salt
# 108
Jhoote saboot kitne bhi mazboot ho ... jhoote hi hote hai
No matter how strong the false evidences are ... they are lies
# 109
Arre yeh lo ... aa gaye kalyug ke kanhaiya
There it is ... here comes lord Krishna of the modern era
# 110
Agar kisi ne iski taraf aankh uthakar bhi dekha ... toh uske saare khandaan ki aankhen nikaal doonga
If anyone raises their eyes and looks at her ... then I'll remove the eyes of that persons entire family
# 111
Sipahi jab maidan-e-jung mein utarta hai ... toh apna hathyaar lana nahin bhulta
When a soldier steps into the war field ... he never forgets his weapon
# 112
Sadde vich Gandhi bhi hai, Patel bhi hai ... teh thoda Bhagat Singh bhi hai
There is Gandhi in me, there is Patel in me ... and there is a little bit of Bhagat Singh also in me
# 113
Hai bahut andhyar, suraj nikalna chahiye ... ho kisi tarah se bhi, mausam badalna chahiye
It is very dark, the Sun must come out ... no matter which way, but the weather must change
# 114
Shareer jitna adhik sukh paata hai ... utna hi adhik sukh chahta hai
The more comfort a body gets ... the more comfort it asks for
# 115
Yaar hoon, humdardo ka saaya hoon ... aaj yeh mat kehna, ke bewaqt aaya hoon
I am a friend, I am a shadow of a caring person ... today don't say that, I have come at the wrong time
# 116
Haath toh laga ... iske baad dhoondhta reh jayega ki tere jism ke saath koi haath bhi tha
If you touch me ... you will be lost imagining whether you had a hand on your body or not
# 117
Har insaan pehle Hindustani hai ... phir baad mein Musalman ya Hindu
Every person is an Indian first ... then Muslim or Hindu
# 118
Main jaanta tha tumhari aankhon mein mera intezar hai, tumhare dil mein mera pyar hai ... magar yeh zalim zamana hum dono ke beech deewar hai
I knew that your eyes were waiting for me, my love is there in your heart ... but this cruel world is a wall between the two of us
# 119
Aaj raqeeb ko pila di hai tune sharaab ... un dekhna usse kaise nikalti hai aag
Today you have made your caretaker drink alcohol ... now watch how fire comes out of him
# 120
Choti choti baaton se bade kahan ho jaoge ... patli galiyon se nikloge toh khuli sadak par aaoge
You won't get big with small talks ... and only when you come out of the small streets, you'll reach the open road
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