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Sunny Deol

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# 41
Gunday aur gundagardi yahi se janam lete hai ... jisse aap police station kehte hai
Goons and rowdyism are born right here ... what you call as police station
# 42
Pattharon ki is duniya mein devta banna toh bahut aasaan hai ... insaan banna bahut mushkil
In this world of stones it is very easy to become God ... but very hard to become a human
# 43
Kanoon aur insaaf taqatwar ke ghar ghulam bankar behte hai
Law and justice are sitting as slaves in the house of the powerful people
# 44
Dost se bada dushman koi na hove hai
There is no bigger enemy than a friend
# 45
Joh gurda rakhta hai ... usse hi jeene ka haq hai
One who has the courage ... only he has the right to live
# 46
Agar daud tujhe teri maut se door le ja sakti hai toh ... daud ... daud!
If running can take you away from your death then ... run ... run!
# 47
Zindagi aur maut Waheguru ke haath mein hai ... aur mera Waheguru dushman ke saath nahin ... mere saath hai
Life or death is in the hands of God ... and my God is not with my enemies ... he is with me
# 48
Paapiyo se binti karo, samjhao ... agar woh phir bhi na maane, toh sabki bhalai ke liye ... talwar uthao
First you request sinners and make them understand ... if they still don't agree then for the good for everyone ... pick up the sword
# 49
Kheench laye joh unke dar pe, aaisi deewangi ko kya kahiye ... katal karke bhi woh khamosh hai, aaisi saadgi ko kya kahiye
What should I call the obsession, that dragged me to her door ... and what should I call the simplicity, which is silent even after killing me
# 50
Suraj ki pehli kiran aapke bunglay aur mere ghar pe barabar ki roshni dalti hai
The Sun shines it first rays equally on your bungalow and my house
# 51
Tu khelta hoga toofano se, humne toh toofan paale hai ... joh darte hai so marte hai, hum markar jeene waale hai
You may have played with the storms, but I have nourished the storms ... people who are scared will die, but I am someone who will live even after being dead
# 52
Main zindagi se nahi ... apne aap se naraaz hoon
Not with life ... I am displeased with myself
# 53
Bahut kam log hote hai jinka pyar apni manzil tak pahunchta hai
There are a very few people whose love reaches their destination
# 54
Pehli goli woh chalayega ... aur aakhri goli hum
They will fire the first bullet ... and we will fire the last bullet
# 55
Mohabbat na ho toh aadmi saans toh zaroor leta hai ... magar zinda nahi rehta hai
Without love a human can breathe ... but he does not live
# 56
Main sapne nahi dekhta ... khud ek bura sapna hoon
I don't see dreams ... I am myself a bad dream
# 57
Urdu jaisi nafazat kahan, mohabbat jaisi ibaadat kahan ... imaan par kayam reh sake toh, Musalman jaisi taqat kahan
There is no language like Urdu, there is no worship like love ... if you stay put on your honesty, then there is no strength like that of a Muslim person
# 58
Main tumhare accountant ka beta hoon ... aur yeh pitai tumhare account mein bahut dino se likhi thi
I am a son of your accountant ... and this beating was written in your account since days
# 59
Kapde badalne se insaan badal nahi jata
A human does not change by merely changing clothes
# 60
Tere chehre pe mujhe maut dikhai de rahi hai
I can see death on your face
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