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Mohalla Assi

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Four things are very famous in Banaras ... Banaras ka Ganga, Banaras ka panda, Banaras ka paan aur Banaras ka zabaan
Four things are very famous in Varanasi ... the river Ganges of Varanasi, the saints of Varanasi, the betel leaf with nut of Varanasi and the language of Varanasi
# 2
Roti ka chakka jab kuchalta hai na ... toh sabse pehle moolya, siddhant, kuchle jaate hai
When the flour mill of bread crushes you ... then it crushes your values and principles first
# 3
Charitra aadmi ko banata hai ... kapde nahi
A person is known by his character ... and not by the clothes that he wears
# 4
Joh maza Banaras mein ... woh Paris mein na Far East mein
The enjoyment that you can get in Varanasi ... you won't get that in Paris and neither in the Far East
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