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Ekk Deewana Tha

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Friends hum khud chunte hai ... lekin love hum mein chunta hai
We ourselves select our friends ... but love selects us
# 2
Sochne samajhne se sab milta hai ... par pyar toh bas aise hi ho jaata hai ... aise hi bina zaroorat ke zaroorat ban jaata hai ... aise hi aankhon ke raaste dil mein direct utar jaata hai
By thinking you get everything ... but love happens just like that ... just like that it becomes a necessity without being a necessity ... just like that it goes into the heart via the eyes
# 3
Tum mere saath hona nahi chah rahe ho ... aur mujhe saath hone nahi de rahe ho
You don't want to be with me ... and you are not letting me be with you
# 4
Main tumhe chhod kar toh gayi ... par bhool nahi payi
I left you ... but I couldn't forget you
# 5
Jab tum film dekh rahi thi ... toh main sirf tumhe dekh raha tha
When you were watching the film ... I was only watching you
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