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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Yeh sach hai ki calendar har tareek ko badalta hai ... lekin ek tareek aisi bhi aati hai joh calendar ko hi badal deti hai
It's true that the calendar changes the date every day ... but there comes one date which changes the calendar itself
# 2
Agar niyat saaf ho aur aadmi imaandari se kaam kare ... toh sade-saati bhi uska kuch nahi bighad sakti
If a person works with honesty and with good intentions ... then even bad luck can't ruin anything for him
# 3
Yeh six-pack, eight-pack, yeh body, kisi bhi gym mein ban sakti hai ... par aisa koi gym nahi bana jahan himmat banti ho
This six-pack, this eight-pack, this body, can be developed in any gym ... but there's no gym where courage can be developed
# 4
Jeb mein zara sa chhed ho jaaye na ... toh sikkon se pehle rishtey gir jaate hai
When a small hole forms in a pocket ... then relationships fall from it even before the coins fall from it
# 5
Is matlabi duniya mein agar koi bematlab ki baat bol jaaye ... toh us betmatlabi baat ka bhi bahut bada matlab hota hai ... aur tum jaise matlabi insaan ke saath rehne ka yeh matlab hai ki ... saari duniya ka matlab samajh mein aa jaata hai
If someone says something useless in this selfish world ... then even those useless words have a very useful meaning ... and the meaning of living with selfish people like you is that ... it teaches you the meaning of the entire world
# 6
Paise se dushmani badh sakti hai ... pan dushmani se paisa nahi badh sakta
Enmity can grow with money ... but money can't grow with enmity
# 7
Idea ice-cream ki tarah hoti hai ... zyada socho toh pighal jaati hai
An idea is like ice-cream ... if you think a lot about it, then it melts away
# 8
Hum log science mein maante hai ... non-science mein nahi
We believe in science ... and not in non-science
# 9
Aapke dushman pe humne aisi dushmani nikali hai ... ki agar woh dushman bhi apne dushman ko dekh le na ... toh woh apni dushmani bhoolke us dushman pe taras khane lagega
We've shown such great enmity against your enemy that ... if that enemy of yours sees their enemy ... then they'll forget their enmity and they'll have mercy on their enemy
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