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Dangerous Ishhq

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Kahi janam lag jaate hai sachcha pyar paane mein ... ek pal lagta hai usse kho dene mein
It takes a lot of ages to get true love ... but it only takes a moment to lose it
# 2
Preet aur prem ka sambandh atma se hove hai ... shareer se nahi
Affection and love are related to the soul ... not the body
# 3
Hamara dimaag sirf is janam ki baaton ko yaad rakhta hai ... jab ki hamari atma hamare har janam ki har baat ko yaad rakhti hai
Our brain only remembers the things of this life ... where as our soul remembers everything from every life of ours
# 4
Is janam mein agar tumhe chahne waale tumhare saath hai ... toh tumse nafrat karne waale bhi tumhare saath hi honge
If in this life the people who love you are with you ... then the people who hate you are also going to be with you
# 5
Preet aur prem na shareer ke mohtaj hove hai ... na janamon ke
Affection and love don't depend on the body ... and neither on life
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