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Sadness Dialogues

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# 41
Main zindagi se nahi ... apne aap se naraaz hoon
Not with life ... I am displeased with myself
# 42
Dukh jab hamari kahani sunta hai toh khud dukh ko dukh hota hai
When sadness listens to our story then even sadness himself feels sad
# 43
Kis kis tarah se mujhko na rusva kiya gaya ... gairon ka naam mere lahu se likha gaya ... kyun aaj uska zikr mujhe khush na kar saka ... kyun aaj uska naam mera dil dukha gaya
I was dishonored in so many ways ... the names of strangers was written with my blood ... why is that her mention today could not make my happy ... why is that her name today broke my heart
# 44
Zindagi mein sirf khushiya baanti jaati hai ... gham ka bhoj har insaan ko akele hi dhona padta hai
In life you can only distribute happiness ... every person has to carry the weight of sorrow by themselves
# 45
Agar tumhari maut mera sivah kisi aur ke haath hui ... toh mujhe behad afsoos hoga
If someone else kills you ... then I will repent a lot
# 46
Yeh dukh naam ki bimari ka ilaaj kisi doctor ke paas bhi nahi ... iska ilaaj khud dhoondna padta hai ... dukh ko bhoolna parta hai
No doctor has the cure for the disease of grief ... one has to find the cure for it themselves ... one has to forget grief
# 47
Hasne waalon ke saath toh duniya hasti hai ... lekin rone waala akele hi rota hai
The world laughs with those who laugh ... but the one who cries, cries alone
# 48
Dukh tumne mujhe nahi diya hai ... maine apne aap ko dukh diya hai
You haven't given me any sorrow ... I have given myself sorrow
# 49
Mard mein bahut dard pehda kar deti hai tumhari smile
Your smile creates a lot of pain in a man
# 50
Pushpa, mujhse yeh aasoon nahin dekhe jaate ... I hate tears
Pushpa, I cannot see these tears ... I hate tears
# 51
Tanhai, aasoon, udasi ... baat hai zara si ... aur tum itni khafa si
Loneliness, tears, sadness ... it's just a small thing ... and you are so much annoyed
# 52
Agar kisika dukh baatna hi chahte ho ... toh kaam kuch aisa karo ... ke doosro ki zindagi mein khushi aaye
If you want to share someones sorrow ... then do such a work ... which brings happiness in others life
# 53
Apne hi desh mein mehmaan bankar koi khush kaise ho sakta hai
How can one be happy by becoming a guest in their own country
# 54
Dhuk toh muft mein milte hai ... lekin sukh ki keemat toh deni hi padti hai
Sorrow comes free of cost ... but for happiness one has to pay the price
# 55
Usne rulaya hai ... wohi hasayega
God made me cry ... God will make me smile
# 56
Haraam ki daulat insaan ko shuru shuru mein sukh zaroor dilati hai ... magar baad mein le jaakar ek aaise dukh ke sagar mein dhakel deti hai ... jahan marte dum tak sukh ka kinara kabhi nazar nahi aata hai
Unlawful wealth surely gives happiness to one in the start ... but later on it takes you and throws you into the sea of sadness ... where you will never ever see the shores of happiness
# 57
Khushi jab hadh se badh jaati hai toh gham ban jaati hai
When happiness grows beyond limits then it turns into sadness
# 58
Tere zakhm meri tadap se harre hai ... meri aankh mein tere aasoon bhare hai
Your wounds are fresh from my weltering ... and my eyes are filled with your tears
# 59
Dard ki dawa na ho ... toh dard ko hi dawa samajh lena chahiye
If there is no medicine for pain ... then you should consider pain as the medicine itself
# 60
When the heart breaks, awaaz toh nahi hoti ... but ek broken heart ko doosre broken heart ka awaaz always sunai deta hai
When the heart breaks, then there's no sound ... but a broken heart can always hear the sound of a broken heart
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