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Sadness Dialogues

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# 21
Har dukh aane waale sukh ki chitti hoti hai ... aur har nuksaan hone waale fayde ka ishara
Every sorrow is the letter for the coming happiness ... and every loss is an indication to the coming profit
# 22
Life ka sikka ... heads aur tails, khushi ur gham ... dono saath saath hi chalte hai
The coin of life ... heads or tails, happiness or sadness ... both go together
# 23
Kya milega bhala rulaake mujhe ... paoge kya jala jalake mujhe
What will you get from making me cry ... what will you achieve from burning me
# 24
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
# 25
Jahan 'kh' se khush hokar jeena chahiye wahan 'kh' se itne khamosh baithe ho ... arre 'kh' se itne khoye khoye ho ... ki pata hi nahi chalta ki aap ghar pe ho
Where you should be happy in life there you are sitting so quietly ... you are so lost ... that one does not know if you are home or not
# 26
Na sukh hai, na dukh hai, na deen hai, na duniya, na insaan, na bhagwan ... sirf main hoon, main hoon, main hoon, main ... sirf main
There is no joy, no grief, no pity, no world, no human, no God ... only I am there, I am there, I am there, me ... only me
# 27
Ab mere paas khushiyan nahi, sirf gham hi gham hai ... ab mere paas logon ki bheed nahi, sirf akelapan hai
Now I only have sorrow and no happiness ... now I only have loneliness and not people around me
# 28
Tussi ja rahe ho? ... tussi na jao
Are you going? ... please don't go
# 29
Hum mein apne gaal pe thappad ke dukh se zyada ... uske gaal pe pappi ka sukh tha
More than the sadness of the slap on my cheek ... I was happy about the kiss that I wanted to give on her cheek
# 30
Jitni khushi aapko hamare yahan aane se ho rahi hai ... usse kahin zyada dukh hamare jane pe hoga
The amount of happiness that you have by us coming here ... more than that sadness you will have when we go from here
# 31
Tum agar khulke ro nahi sakogi ... toh khulkar has kaise sakogi
If you are not able to cry openly ... then how will you laugh openly
# 32
Jab dil tootta hai toh uska asar seedha dimag par hota hai
When the hearts breaks it directly affects the mind
# 33
Dukh chupane ke kamaal ko hassi kehte hai
A magical way of hiding sorrow is called laughter
# 34
Dil mein jab dard zyada bhad jaata hai ... insaan kabhi kabhi us hi mein doobkar marr jaata hai
When the pain in heart grows a lot ... then sometimes a person drowns in it and dies
# 35
Aadmi ke pass dimag ho na ... toh woh apna dard bhi bech sakta hai
If a man has brains ... then he can sell his sorrow also
# 36
Hum aane waale gham ko kheench taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hai ... aur us khushi mein zehar ghol dete hai
We stretch and pull the sadness of the future and bring it onto today's happiness ... and we mix poison in that happiness
# 37
Gehre se gehra zakhm bhi itna dard nahi deta ... jitna aaj tumne mujhe diya hai
The deepest of deepest wound does not give so much pain ... what you have given me today
# 38
Jiska dil gham ki tanhaiyon mein ujadh gaya ho ... woh bahar se kitna hi sehatmand lagta ho, lekin andar se toh bimaar hi rehta hai
The one whose heart is destroyed in the loneliness of sorrow ... no matter how healthy he looks from the outside, but from inside he is sick
# 39
Mujhe aasoonyon se sakt allergy hai
I am very allergic to tears
# 40
Aankhen khuli rakhon toh aansoon bhi kaale ... aur bandh karoon toh sapne bhi kaale
If I keep my eyes open then my tears are black ... and if I close them then my dreams are also black
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