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Umrao Jaan

Release Year - 1981
# 1
Kis kis tarah se mujhko na rusva kiya gaya ... gairon ka naam mere lahu se likha gaya ... kyun aaj uska zikr mujhe khush na kar saka ... kyun aaj uska naam mera dil dukha gaya
I was dishonored in so many ways ... the names of strangers was written with my blood ... why is that her mention today could not make my happy ... why is that her name today broke my heart
# 2
Tu mujhe chahe na chahe yeh tere bas mein toh hai ... aur main tujhko na chahun yeh mere bas mein nahi
To love me or not is in your control ... but for me not to love you is beyond my control
# 3
Dil cheez kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye ... bus ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye ... is anjuman mein aapko aana hai baar baar ... deewar-o-dar ko gaur se pehchaan lijiye
What is this heart, you may take my life ... but for once you listen to me ... you have to keep coming in this gathering ... so carefully recognize these walls and doors
# 4
Kitne toofan uthaye aankhon ne, naav yaadon ki doobti hi nahi ... tujhse milne ki, tujhko paane ki koi tatbir soojti hi nahi
So many storms have these eyes have seen, but the boat of memories does not drown ... and I can't get any idea to meet you, to achieve you
# 5
Ab aap samne hai toh kuch bhi nahi hai yaad ... varna kuch aapse hum mein kehna zaroor tha
No that you are in front of me I don't remember anything ... otherwise I wanted to say something to you
# 6
Aaine ke paas toh kuch bhi nahi ... meri aankhon mein teri tasveer hai
The mirror does not have anything ... your picture is in my eyes
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