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Thodisi Bewafaii

Release Year - 1980
# 1
Agar bhoolne se rishtey naate toot sakte hai ... toh is duniya mein na pyar hota, na nafrat hoti aur na dard hota
If relationships broke simply on forgetting ... then there wouldn't have been any love in this world, nor hatred and neither pain
# 2
Patni ka ghamand hota hai uska pati ... aur tum us ghamand ko kayam rakhane ke liye pati ki khushi mein apni khushi talash karna ... issi mein ek sukhi pariwar ki zamanat chupi hui hai
The pride of a wife is her husband ... and to maintain that pride you try to find your happiness in your husband's happiness ... within this is hidden the guarantee of a happy family
# 3
Woh pyar hi kya joh faulaadi dil mein band ghut-ghutkar mar jaye ... pyar ko izhaar chahiye
What good is that love which dies out of suffocation in the heart of steel ... love needs to be expressed
# 4
Pati ke ghar ka dukh bhi maikay ke sukh se meetha hota hai
Even the sadness in the husband's house is much sweeter than the happiness in the parents house
# 5
Main jis raaste se tumhari taraf aane ki koshish karta hoon ... tum us raaste ko mitta dena chahti ho ... tumhara yeh bartav sari duniya se kaatkar tumhe alag kar dega, bilkul alag ... na koi tumhari taraf aayega, aur na hi kal tum meri taraf aaneka raasta pehchaan sakogi
Whichever path I take to try to come near you ... you want to erase that path ... this behaviour of yours will cut and separate you from the entire world, totally separate ... no one will come towards you, and neither tomorrow you'll recognize the path that comes towards me
# 6
Pehle jab tum baat karti thi tumhari zubaan se shahad tapkata tha ... aur aaj tumhari zubaan ka shahad tumhari behen ki makkhiyon ne choos liya hai
Honey used to fall from your mouth earlier when you used to talk ... and today the mosquitoes of your sister have sucked the honey from your mouth
# 7
Azaadi utni hi achchi hai, jitni ki patang udhane ke liye hawa ... zyada hawa se patang ki dor toot jaati hai aur woh hichkole khate hue kahin ghum ho jaati hai
Independence is only good as much as the wind is for flying a kite ... with extra wind the thread of a kite gets cut and it wanders around and gets lost
# 8
Ab toh mere liye waqt tehar gaya hai re, zindagi tehar gayi hai ... ab toh sirf saans ke tehar jaane ka intezar hai
Now for me time has stopped, life has stopped ... and now I'm just waiting for my breaths to stop
# 9
Patthar ka daag mitt jaata hai ... lekin dil par laga hua daag nahi mitta
A mark on a stone can be erased ... but a mark on the heart cannot be erased
# 10
Begam tum hi toh mere Tansen ka tambura ho na ... joh har waqt mere dil mein bajta rehta hai
Wifey you are my musical instrument of Tansen ... which keeps on playing at all times in my heart
# 11
Kisi ke sar par tel ki handi phoote ... magar kisi ki kismat na phoote
Even a pot of oil may break on someones head ... but their luck should not break
# 12
Pati par shak karna bhagwan par shak karne ke samaan hai
Suspecting on your husband is like suspecting on god
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