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Bundal Baaz

Release Year - 1976
# 1
Insaan ka charitra uske safed kapdon se hai ... safed kapda subah pehna, agar shaam tak vaise hi rahe ... toh insaan ka dil sacha hai ... woh aadmi saaf hai ... bolo kya khayal hai
The character of a person can be known from his white clothes ... if the white clothes that he wears in the morning, stays the same till the evening ... then the heart of that person is pure ... and that person is a honest person ... what do you think
# 2
Agar dukh na ho ... toh aane wale sukh ka aadmi maza bhi nahi le sakta
If sadness is not there ... then a person won't be able to enjoy the happiness that comes his way
# 3
Kastoori ki mehak aur bhookhe ka chehra ... chupaye nahi chupta
The aroma of musk and the face of a hungry person ... can't stay hidden
# 4
Banakar faqeeron ka hum bhes ghalib ... tamasha-e-ahl-e-karam dekhte hai
Hey poet, in the guise of a beggar ... I see the spectacle of generocity
# 5
Aadmi aaj ke zamane mein apna pet khud paal le ... wohi raja hota hai
In today's age if a person can feed himself ... then that person is a king
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