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# 21
Tumhare is gale ka dard kisi ke bhi mann ka dard mitta sakta hai
The pain in your song can eliminate and the pain in anyone's heart
# 22
Love and music have no language
Love and music have no language
# 23
Jab kisi saaz ka dil tootta hai ... toh dard ki teez bahut der tak uthti hai
When the heart of music breaks ... then the pain is felt for a long time
# 24
Iska haath agar aadmi pe padhe toh aadmi hil jaata hai ... aur agar banjo pe padhe toh bhi aadmi hil jaata hai
If his hand lands on a person then that person shakes ... and if his hand lands on a banjo then also that person shakes
# 25
Jab geet swayam ke liye gaya jaata hai ... toh sangeet ho jaata hai
When a song is sung for self ... it becomes music
# 26
Kabhi kabhi koi dhun sunne ke liye kisi saaz ki zaroorat nahi hoti ... phoolon ke khilne ke liye baarish ki zaroorat nahi hoti ... dil ki awaaz sunne ke liye lafzon ki zaroorat nahi hoti
Sometimes to listen to a tune you don't need an instrument ... for flowers to blossom you don't need the rains ... and to hear the voice of the heart you don't need words
# 27
Lagta hai tumhare kaan bajh rahe hai ... your eardrums are playing drums
It looks like your ears are ringing ... your eardrums are playing drums
# 28
Trailer hit toh picture hit ... aur gaana hit toh picture super hit
If the trailer is a hit then the movie is a hit ... and if the song is a hit then the movie is a super hit
# 29
Jis tarah parayi biwi apne ghar mein laane se apni nahi ho jaati na ... ussi tarah paraya music apne desh mein bajane se apna nahi ho jaata hai
Just like by bringing a stranger's wife in your house, she doesn't become yours ... just like that by playing foreign music in our country, it doesn't become ours
# 30
Tumhare andar joh sangeet hai woh bahut kam logon ko naseeb hota hai
The music that is inside you, only a few lucky people have that
# 31
Sangeet cheez hi aaisi hai ... saaz ho ya awaaz, kaano mein padte hi dil ke taar jhun-jhuna uthte hai ... aur chanchal mann ko shanti mil jaati hai
Music is such a thing ... be it a musical instrument or a voice, the moment it reaches the ears the strings of the heart start to dance ... and the soft heart comes to peace
# 32
Filmy gaane gayega toh paise kamayega ... varna upar waale ke naam par bhookha marr jayega
If you sing songs from the movies then you'll make money ... or else you will die hungry in the name of god
# 33
Woh item number ka guitar thi, main sufi gaane ka ek tara ... boss woh star thi aur mera toh tara hi doob gaya tha
She was a guitar of a hot song, and I was a note of a poetic song ... boss she was a star and my star had drowned
# 34
India ko ek karane mein cricket aur Chitrahaar ko sara credit jaata hai
Cricket and Chitrahaar (songs show) get the entire credit to unite India
# 35
Zindagi ke meethe sur jhoot ke taaron se nahi ... vishvas ke saaz se nikalte hai
The sweet tunes of life come from the musical instrument of trust ... and not from the strings of lies
# 36
Dholak toh hijre bajate hain ... aur jab mard bajane par aata hai ... toh dunka bajata hai
Tabor is played by eunuchs ... when a man comes to play ... he plays the drums
# 37
Pyar karne waalon ke tarane goonjte rahenge ... aur mitt jayenge pyar ko mittane waale
The melodies of people in love will keep echoing ... and people who want to erase love will be erased
# 38
Taal se hi geet hai, taal hi sangeet hai, taal pe hi saans hai, taal se hi preet hai
From beat comes a song, beat itself is music, on beat there is breathe, from beat comes love
# 39
Shit bhi bolti hai toh lagta hai FM baj gaya
It sounds like FM is playing even if she says shit
# 40
Hum bajaye toh kaano mein pain ... aur yeh paade bhi toh Tansen
If I play then it is pain in the ears ... and even if he farts then he sounds like Tansen
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